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-[George the Puppet] Hey everybody, it’s George, here back with another fun tale to share. Fun4theDisabled is happy to present today’s book “The Skin You Live In”, written by Michael Tyler and illustrated by David Lee Csicsko. This is a book all about our skin: the things we do with our skin, and how we should accept people who have different skin from our own. And now, here’s Vanessa to introduce our reader for today.

-[Vanessa] Thanks, George! I’m excited to share today’s story with you all. Today, Tekki Lomnicki will be reading “The Skin You Live In” written by Michael Tyler and illustrated by David Lee Csicsko. This story focuses on our skin to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of every single person. We hope that this story encourages you to love the skin you live in. Let’s listen!

-[Tekki] “The Skin You Live In” written by Michael Tyler, illustrated by David Lee Csicsko.

Hey, look at your skin… The wonderful skin you live in! The skin you’re all day in; the skin that you play in; the skin that you snuggle up, cuddle up, lay in. The skin that you beam in; the skin that you scream in; the skin that you dream about eating ice cream in! [Slurp!] The skin you have fun in; the skin that you run in; the skin that you hop, skip, and jump in the sun in. The skin that you laugh in; the skin that you cry in; the skin that you look to the sky and ask, “Why?” in.

It’s baby-born new skin and your family too skin, and glows when it shows that it knows we love you skin! It’s face the rain bold skin and snow-angel cold skin, and warm again, let it in, sunshine behold skin! It’s trembling fright skin and cringes at night skin, but turn off the lights to make birthday cake bright skin. It’s whatever you do skin, be happy it’s you skin. You can’t live without it – I’m glad it’s me, too skin! And look at the shades it comes in – the shades of your colorful skin!

Your coffee and cream skin, your warm cocoa dream skin. Your chocolate chip, double-dip sundae supreme skin. Your marshmallow treat skin, your spun sugar sweet skin. Your cherry-topped, candy dropped, frosting complete skin. Your pumpkin pie slice skin, your caramel corn nice skin; your toffee wrapped, ginger snapped, cinnamon spice skin! Your butterscotch gold skin, your lemon tart bold skin; your mountain high apple pie, cookie dough rolled skin!

Now, look once again at your skin… and the skin all people live in! It’s not tall skin or short skin, or best in the sport skin; or fat skin or thin skin, you lose and I win skin. Nor sad skin or mad skin, you’re naturally bad skin. I’m rich and you’re poor and you’ll never have more skin. It’s not dumb skin or smart skin, or keep us apart skin; or weak skin or strong skin; I’m right and you’re wrong skin. Nor she skin or he skin, you’re better than me skin; I’m lesser than you skin, it’s me against you skin. It’s not any of this, cause you’re more than you seem.

You are all that you think and you hope and you dream. You’re a gifted creation with imagination. You’re a new day desire to reach even higher. You’re the feelings that start from deep down in your heart. You’re the pride and the joy inside each girl and boy. So whenever you look at your beautiful skin, from your wiggling toes to your giggling grin… think how lucky you are that the skin you live in, so beautifully holds the “you” within. And like flowers in the fields that make wonderful views, when we stand side-by-side in our wonderful hues… We all make a beauty, so wonderfully true. We are special and different and just the same, too!

The end.

-[Vanessa] Wow! What a wonderful story. Thank you Tekki Lomnicki for reading to us. How did you like the book, kids? I know sometimes we can feel bad about ourselves. If you ever feel bad, remember to look in the mirror and celebrate who you are. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way, no matter what we look like. We also have to learn to love and accept others who look different from us. Are there any books you would like us to read? Leave a comment down below. Thank you once again Tekki Lomnicki for reading “The Skin You Live In”. If you enjoyed the video, please subscribe to our newsletter and check out more of our Fun4theDisabled Presents: Children’s Books That Heal series. Thanks a lot! Bye bye! Take it away, George!

-[George the Puppet] Thanks for watching “The Skin You Live In”, written by Michael Tyler and illustrated by David Lee Csicsko. Remember, it doesn’t matter where you been, accept everyone despite the color of their skin. No matter our differences, together we win. So learn to love and appreciate the skin you live in, ‘Cause we are all one people under the sky. Oh, and hey, thanks for stopping by. [Exciting upbeat guitar]


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