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At Fun4theDisabled, we believe that disabled people have much to contribute to society, and we celebrate that! We create digital media that provides a platform for disabled people to share their perspectives, learn about up-and-coming organizations and movements in the disability community, raise awareness of different disabilities, and most of all, celebrate disabled people in ways that are truly F U N ! ! ! ! !

What We Do

Our mission is to create a community by, for, and about disabled people, to help each other live our best lives! Through our videos and articles, we uplift disabled voices and share life-changing resources. Our videos check all the boxes! We make entertaining pieces with accessible events and activities, educational pieces about disabled experiences, and informational pieces about helpful products and organizations. There’s something for everyone!

Our Latest Videos

WBBM #AccessibleChicago Radio Interview

WBBM #AccessibleChicago Radio Interview

Listen to Vanessa Harris interview with Andy Dahn from WBBM NewsRadio. She discusses the important message of the Accessible Chicago series, and encourages more companies to increase accessibility. This video is open captioned with #ASL.     ANDY DAHN: Ensuring that...

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FOX32 Shares #AccessibleChicago Series (OC/ASL)

FOX32 Shares #AccessibleChicago Series (OC/ASL)

Natalie Bomke of Fox32 Interviewed Vanessa Harris of #fun4thedisabled. There are all kinds of fun accessible things to do in #disabilityfriendlychicago and they benefit everyone! #accessibletourism #accessibletravelNEWS ANCHOR: Okay a new video series is inviting...

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