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​Our aim is to create awareness about the value the disability community brings to the global society. You donation today enables us to continue creating inspiring and educative content to support and advocate for people with disabilities.

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Strategy for Access Foundation NFP / fun4thedisabled

Strategy for Access Foundation NFP (StrAF) is the umbrella under which fun4thedisabled operates.

fun4thedisabled is the hub of StrAF.  We are internet based. Our domain, social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest ), and e-newsletter are known as fun4thedisabled.

Disabled persons are, by necessity people who think out of the box.  We solve problems to make our lives easier, pleasurable, and satisfying.  We want our lives to be enjoyable.  What’s life without fun?!!

By implementing our programs and operations, we ensure that the content we bring to our audience is as accessible as possible.

Our approach is to present topics that are the most beneficial and enjoyable to the disability community, and to those who need to be enlightened.  We fight against marginalization and oppression.

We try to ensure that our community of disabled persons can be active and can share their lives with their loved ones of all abilities.

We create, find, and collect the ideas and share them with our audience through video and written content to raise awareness that OUR LIVES MATTER.

Memorials & Honorariums

Memorial and celebratory gifts to Fun4TheDisabled can can honor and commemorate someone special, celebrate an anniversary, graduation, wedding, recovery, birthday or retirement.

The following individuals have been honored or memorialized through generous donations to Fun4TheDisabled.

Honor Gifts

In honor of Monica Thorns, February 2024

In honor of Pawel Kupiec, February 2024

In honor of Cathy Garey, February 2024

In honor of Guide Dogs for the Blind, February 2024

In honor of Angelina Fuentes, February 2024

In honor of Mari M., February 2024

In honor of Max Knighten Jr, February 2024

In honor of Vanessa Harris, February 2024

In honor of Jamie and Jason, March 2023

In honor of Sophia Jean, July 2021

In honor of Ida Russo & Dolores O'Rourke, June 2021

In honor of Ivan T., October 2020

In Memoriam Gifts

In memory of Doskey Calloway, March 2024

In memory of Florence Marie Jones, March 2024

In memory of Millicent Calloway Harris, December 2022, March 2024

In memory of Heather Clemens, February 2024

In memory of Will Conway, February 2024

In memory of Lisa A. Stepanian, April 2022

In memory of Gloria and Jesse Hébert Sr., December 2021, 2022

In memory of Robert G. Johnson, August 2021

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