Natalie Bomke of Fox32 Interviewed Vanessa Harris of #fun4thedisabled. There are all kinds of fun accessible things to do in #disabilityfriendlychicago and they benefit everyone! #accessibletourism #accessibletravel

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NEWS ANCHOR: Okay a new video series is inviting people with disabilities to discover Chicago attractions. It uses actors with different abilities to showcase the accessibility of these exciting locations. Natalie is back with a look.

NATALIE: Yes. So a nonprofit called Fun for the Disabled recently received a federal grant allowing them to amplify their message about getting around in Chicago. And you’ll be surprised at what they found.

VANESSA: I think people with disabilities should have a lot of fun.

SPEAKER IN VIDEO: This is really cool!

VANESSA: Chicago should be internationally known as a disability friendly city.

NEWSANCHOR: Adventure awaits. That’s the message. CEO and founder of nonprofit Fun4theDisabled Vanessa Harris wants everyone to hear.

BILL GREEN: We want our guests to feel like we knew we were coming. And this is a place that has been planned with you in mind.

NATALIE: With a federal Grant, Harris’s organization made 15 videos showcasing different Chicago attractions with differently abled actors.

SPEAKER IN VIDEO: The doors were open and they allowed me to come in and exhibit the area, and that’s really cool.

VANESSA: We have people with Down’s Syndrome, wheelchairs, people who are blind, people who are deaf and they have to have accommodations.

SPEAKER IN VIDEO: It was really nice to come and see that I could get places by myself.

VANESSA: Now people are more concerned of people with disabilities and they’re realizing that the accommodations that are made for people with disabilities help other people as well.

NATALIE: The collection of videos will debut next month and then be available to view on the website on the bottom of your screen. Hopefully it’ll appear. I know I typed it out (man laughs). Fun4theDisabled.com. Fun4theDisabled.com–Scott and Dawn.

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