Join us at the Abilities Expo, where people of all ages and abilities can experience a world of adaptive activities and resources! Watch Lola conquer the adaptive climbing wall and explore the wide range of inclusive exhibits available. Vanessa Harris from Fun4theDisabled joins us to highlight the exciting offerings at the expo, from adaptive sports to specialized kitchen gadgets.

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DIANE PATHIEU: Back here at the Abilities Expo, where Lola is in the adaptive climbing wall. Watch her climb this wall. Lola, you’re doing so good! Look at this. And the Abilities Expo. Vanessa Harris is here with me to talk more about it. The whole idea of this, Vanessa, is that anybody with any kind of disability can be able here.

VANESSA: Yes, It’s for anybody, any age, whether they have a disability or not. They can be a person with a disability, their family members, their caregivers. It’s for everyone. And there’s all sorts of things to do. You can come to our booth, we’re Fun4theDisabled!

DIANE: And I just- this is just one piece, right? We saw the golf cart. We saw the adaptive climbing wall. We saw the bikes that you can ride in, but there’s so much more for so many people.

VANESSA: Yeah, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab is here, and they have adaptive sports in the city. Bowhead is here. we have all sorts of kitchen gadgets for people with disabilities.

DIANE: I mean, you don’t even think about that stuff, like, oh, I have to get something from my kitchen that I can properly use. This is a place. Where are you going to find those gadgets? Vanessa, thank you so much for being here with us, for allowing us to be here, to be able to see all these unique and exciting products. Well, if you need to borrow a scooter or wheelchair to get yourself around you, can they have loaners here? You can bring your loved ones

VANESSA: and they’re free!

DIANE: that’s right! They’re free and the Expo itself is free too. Lola, how are you doing up there, you good? All right. You guys take advantage of the abilities Expo. Come to Schaumburg and look at all of the new tech here. Lola. Thank you from up there. Can you hear me? Thank you so much. We’re having a great time, you guys. I hope everybody takes advantage of it. Back to you.

ANCHOR: Oh, that’s so cool. Yeah, it’s just great to see Diana and that. Adaptive walls climbing. That’s just fantastic. Look at her up there. Great job. Lola having a great time. And on TV. Yep.

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