Listen to Vanessa Harris interview with Andy Dahn from WBBM NewsRadio. She discusses the important message of the Accessible Chicago series, and encourages more companies to increase accessibility. This video is open captioned with #ASL.

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ANDY DAHN: Ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy what the Chicago area has to offer.

VANESSA: People with disabilities should have just as much fun as people who are able bodied. We are fun. We’re also problem solvers because people don’t think about solving the problems that we have to deal with.

ANDY: After taking a documentary class at the Hyde Park Arts Center in 2018 and putting together a feature on accessibility issues at some popular Chicago attractions, Vanessa Harris founded Fun4theDisabled. Since then, the organization has released dozens of similar videos.

VANESSA: We have people with actual disabilities. Don’t get there accessible to the disability community.

ANDY: Everywhere from the Museum of Contemporary Art-

MEREDITH: “Accessibility is important to me because it’s a matter of being able to be included or not.”

ANDY: To the Morton Arboretum,

TEKKI: “it’s really nice to come and see that I could get places by myself.”

ANDY: Harris says Fun4theDisabled isn’t just making a difference for those looking to explore Chicago.

VANESSA: Businesses are not taking advantage of the opportunity to market to people with disabilities. We have money to spend, and we want to spend it in places that are friendly to us. I’m able to have fun and local places that are accommodating for myself, and I want to share them with other people.

ANDY: Online at fun4thedisabled.com. Andy Dahn News Radio 1059 WBBM.

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