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Hi there, friends. Fanny here to have some fun with another awesome story to share with everyone. When avid reader Lily should be counting her sheep, she learned her favorite friends from books are playing while she sleeps. Fun4thedisabled is happy to present today’s book, The Great Book Switcheroo, written by Julia Inserro and illustrated by Lucy Smith. And now here’s our reader for today. Bill Drudge.

The Great Book Switcheroo by Julia Inserro. Illustrated by Lucy Smith. “What are you reading tonight?” asked Lily’s mom. “Nana’s Garden,” said Lily. “It makes me think of picking berries with Nana.” “Best berries ever,” smiled mom. “I love how books can spark old memories and inspire new adventures.” Pssst! “Teddy, are you here?” a voice called. Lily jumped up. “I must have fallen asleep reading,” she whispered. “Wait, where are the characters in Nana’s Garden? The page is blank!.” “Oh, I’m sorry to wake you, Lily. I was looking for Teddy.” “Am I dreaming?” whispered Lily. “You’re Wiggly Wilma! You’re not in this book.” “I know,” smiled Wilma, “but while you sleep, we play”. “You play in other books?” asked Lily. “Yes, we play every night,” explained Wilma. Lily opened A Christmas for Crumz the Cat. “Where is everyone?” Lily gasped. “See? Everyone is playing and exploring other books. Teddy and I were playing hide and seek but I can’t find him anywhere,” said Wilma. “When I play, I always go to my favorite spots.

Does Teddy have favorites?” asked Lily. “He loves the beach and he loves Christmas,” offered Wilma. “Here’s A Day at Weymouth Beach,” said Lily flipping through the pages. “Rose, this isn’t your story!” “Oh, I love the beach!” “The sunset is my favorite page.” Wilma raced in. “Have you Teddy?” “No, it’s just me here today,” said Rose. “We’re playing hide and seek, but I can’t find him anywhere.” “Teddy loves to play with the snakes in Jungle Wonders,” suggested Rose. “Of course,” said Wilma. Lily pulled out Jungle Wonders as Wilma bounded in. “Teddy,” Wilma called out. “Are you here?” “I haven’t seen him,” said a voice. “Of course, right now I can’t see anything.” Lily looked deep in the jungle. The back end of Ennis the fire truck was almost completely covered. “My wheels got stuck in these vines. I think I’ve been here for days,” sighed Ennis. “Can you go backwards?” Lily asked. Ennis rolled back. “Wow! I wish I’d thought of that yesterday. Thanks so much.” “Ennis, I’m playing hide and seek with Teddy, but I can’t find him anywhere,” said Wilma.

“Can you help me?” “Teddy loves Christmas. Let’s go check out Crumz’s place,” suggested Ennis. Lily opened A Christmas for Crumz the Cat again. Rose flew in, “I double-checked all the pages in A Day at Weymouth Beach and also peeked into My Camel Wants To Be a Unicorn, just in case,” she said. “But no Teddy.” “Hey, everyone,” Crumz The Cat said. “What’s going on?” “I’m playing hide and seek with Teddy,” replied Wilma. “But he’s hidden himself too well. I can’t find him anywhere.” “We looked at the beach, the jungle, and here, all his favorite places.” “Did you check with Santa?” Crumz suggested. “Isn’t Santa here?” cried Ennis. “No,” smiled Crumz.” “Santa has his own story.” “That’s right!” exclaimed Rose. “Where Would Santa Go? is all about Santa’s favorite places around the world,” said Rose. “Everywhere from Costa Rica to Egypt, Oman, and Tanzania.” “That’s it!” exclaimed Wilma. “Teddy has to be there!” Lily opened Where Would Santa Go? “Teddy!” exclaimed Wilma bounding in. “I finally found you!” “Good job, Wilma!” laughed Teddy.

“I couldn’t have done it without Rose, Ennis and Crumz, and Lily too. They all helped me.” “It’s always good to ask for help when you need it,” said Santa. Wilma looked up. “Lily, thank you for all your help. Maybe we’ll see you again?” Lily smiled. “Mom said books spark old memories and inspired new adventures and I can’t wait for our next adventure!” The end.

Thank you for watching. The Great Book Switcheroo. Written by Julia Inserro and illustrated by Lucy Smith. When we close our eyes before we go to sleep, sometimes we may count sheep. But right when we go to dream, there may be something else happening. Something that happens out of sight. Like book characters come into life. And if our imagination can think it through, then maybe our stories are as real as you.



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