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-[George the Puppet] Hello, I’m George, and I’m here to say, welcome to our fun show for the day. Fun4theDisabled is here to present Children’s Books That Heal, a cool new event. Today’s book is called “Paradise and the Pandemic”, by Anthony S., and illustrations by Brandy Williams. This book features Paradise, who is a young and bright girl, who is also in another reading of the book “Paradise Faces the Bully.” In today’s story, we see Paradise at home as she learns about what a pandemic isand why she cannot go to school these days. And now, here’s Vanessa to introduce our reader for today.

-[Vanessa] Thanks, George! I’m so excited to share this story with you. Today, actress Whitney Hill will be reading the book called “Paradise and the Pandemic” by Anthony S.,
with illustrations by Brandy Williams. This is surely a book we can all relate to. We will see our friend Paradise come to understand how the COVID-19 effects her life in terms
of school, friends, and staying at home. Now let’s give it up for today’s actress, Whitney Hill! –

[Whitney] “Paradise and the Pandemic”, written by Anthony S., illustrated by Brandy Williams. Paradise wakes up and stretches her arms as far as she can, making a loud
bear-like sound. She was tired from the night before, she stayed up longer than usual. Looking at a new magazine of nothing but patches caught her attention which is why
she was so tired. She lays back down for a minute looking at the ceiling above. She is wondering why she does not have to go to school today. Paradise rises and pulls
her blanket to the side and gets out of bed. She goes into the kitchen where her mom is cooking breakfast.

“Morning dear, how did you sleep?” her mom asks. “Morning mom, just a little tired from last night. Mom, I have a question?” “What’s the question, dear?” “I remember you saying that we will not have school today, but I never asked you why?” Paradise said. Her mom responds, “The schools are closed because of the pandemic.” “What’s a pandemic?” Paradise asks. “Well, a pandemic is when the world has experienced a serious matter that has to be taken care of.” “In this case, the world has a virus that is in the air and it has spread all over the world.” “What’s a virus, mom?” Paradise asks. Her mom responds, “A virus is a small but very powerful germ that can make a big man like your dad very, very sick. If it can take him down, just imagine what it could do to you and me.” “Can it be even in Africa?” Paradise asks. “Yes, dear, even in Africa. Africa is a part of the world as well.” “Can you see a  germ, mom?” “No, sweetheart, a germ can’t be seen, germs are everywhere and that’s why all of us need to wash our hands every chance we get,” she explains. “The law says we must stay at home because the germs are spreading so fast. This is the reason why you and your friends can’t go to school. There is one exception, I am called an “essential worker”
which means that I can continue to do my job, but I must wear gloves, and a face mask as long as I’m around people.” “Hmm… Does dad have to stay at home?” Paradise asks.
“Yes, he’ll be here with your brother AJ and Paris of course.”

“I understand mom… Most if it anyway.” “Hey mom, does this mean I can’t hang out with Kammi?” she asks. “No, dear, I’m afraid not, but you can call her as much as you like. Hey,
why don’t I make you a mask later on this afternoon when I get home?” her mom says. “Sure, mom, that sounds great!” Paradise goes back to her room; she talks to Paris
as she feeds her. “I guess we’re all alone, Paris. Hey! Mom did say I could call Kammi as much as I want… Awesome! This calls for some jams.” She turns on her radio
and starts to rap while dancing to the beat. Paris moves her head to the beat as well.

After the song goes off, Paradise picks up her cell phone and calls Kammi. She tells Kammi what her mom told her about the pandemic, as much as she can remember. Kammi
knows all about the pandemic since she was told she would have to stay home too.”Paris, let’s go see what Dad and AJ are doing.” She takes Paris and the cage to
the room where her dad and brother are playing. She sits the cage down on the table.

“Morning Dad, morning AJ,” Paradise said. “Morning sweetheart, your mom told me that she explained the pandemic to you. Guess me, you, and AJ are all alone.” “Yes dad, let’s make the best of it, shall we?” Her dad laughs. “I’m already a step ahead of you. Later this afternoon I want you to help me prepare dinner for your mom, okay?” “Great idea, dad! I’m down for that,” she responds. She walks over to AJ and picks him up and kisses him on the cheek. “Hey little one, are you doing okay?” AJ looks at her with a big grin on his face. He is eating on some snacks that his dad had given him. “Man, you can eat a lot for a little guy that’s only two years old,” Paradise says as AJ continues to smile at her.

“I would love to walk Paris. Dad, is it okay?” “Let us play it safe sweetheart and wait until we get the okay to do so,” her dad told her. “Okay dad. I’m going to go back to my room. Call me if you need me to do something.” She skips back to her room. “Well Paris, I’m going to clean my room. I sure wish you could help me but you’re a bird and I know that you’re not able to,” Paradise laughs. She opens the cage and rubs Paris on the top of the head. “Here we go,” as she turns the radio on. She makes up her bed and continues to dust her desk.
She and Paris are all into the music. Her dad knocks on the door and asks her to turn her music down so that he can put AJ to sleep. She turns off her music and looks at
Paris. “I believe it’s time to read… we’ll turn the music back on later after AJ wakes up. Man, I can’t wait for mom to get home so she can make my face mask.” She
grabs a book from her shelf and begins to read. She turns and smiles.

-[Vanessa] Wow! Thank you actress Whitney Hill for that wonderful reading. Adapting to life amidst the pandemic has definitely been confusing and difficult. But I think Paradise did a great job learning about what a pandemic is and how to make the most of the current situation. Through Paradise’s conversation with her mom, we learn what causes the COVID-19 pandemic, how we must be diligent in washing our hands, wearing a mask, and that she can keep in touch with her friends via video and phone call. Kids, after today’s reading, I hope you have a better understanding of what the COVID-19 pandemic is, and found the book relatable. Let’s continue to stay safe by washing our hands, wearing our masks, and social distancing.

-[George the Puppet] Hi, thanks for watching “Paradise and the Pandemic” by Anthony S., with illustrations by Brandy Williams. Now look, though the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things, we can still enjoy life and all that it brings. We can video our friends from home ’cause we are never truly alone. We can make face masks with our family,
listen to music, and bob our heads happily. So let’s continue to wear our masks, wash our hands, socially distance ’cause that’s the plan. Oh and hey, thanks for stopping by.

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