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Fannie’s back. It’s time for me to relay a story about missing those who live far away. Beanie misses Nonni, So they both recommended a new way to communicate and stay closely connected. Fun4theDisabled is happy to present today’s book, ‘Nonni’s Moon’, written by Julia Inserro and illustrated by Lucy Smith. And now here’s our reader for today, Terri Lyne Hudson.

Nonni’s Moon by Julia Inserro and Lucy Smith.

It was bedtime. The moon was up and Beanie’s mom was tucking her in. I miss Nonni, said Beanie. “Me too,” said Mom. “It’s hard living far away from people we love.” “Can’t we call her?” asked Beanie. “Absolutely. Let’s call her in the morning. That will be her bedtime.” “Why is it her bedtime in the morning?” Beanie asked. “Because she lives on the other side of the world. So when the sun is rising and waking us up, the moon is coming up for Nonni.” Giving her a kiss and a big squeeze, Mom said “Good night, Beanie. I love you to pieces and pieces.”

In the morning, Beanie got dressed and ate breakfast as quickly as she could. Ring, Ring! “I miss you, Nonni!” Beanie said before Nonni could even say hello. “I miss you, too, dear,” laughed Nonni. “What are you going to do today?” “I have school with Miss Hala. We are painting.” “That sounds fun,” said Nonni. “When can we see you again?” “Oh, it will be a while,” said Nonni. “I will see you at Christmas. “But I want to see you every day,” said Beanie. “Let’s think about it. I bet there’s some way we can send a message to each other every day.”

The next morning, Beanie jumped out of bed. She raced downstairs. “Mom, Dad, I have an idea,” she said. But before she could share it, the phone rang. “Good morning, Beanie,” Nonni said. “I thought and thought about how we could send a message every day. And I think I found a solution.” “Nonni, I have an idea too.” “The MOON!” they said at the same time.

Laughing, Nonni said, “I looked up and saw the moon tonight. It was so big and bright that I couldn’t stop staring. And then I thought, Beanie gets to see the exact same moon.” “Yes!” Beanie said, “I saw it too.”

“So when I go to bed tonight, I can send you a message through the moon,” said Nonni. “Then later, when you see the moon, you can send a message back to me.” “That sounds great,” said Beanie. “Aren’t we smart?” Said Nonni. Beanie laughed. Beanie was so excited to get Nonni’s message. She could barely concentrate at school. Following dinner and books, Beanie raced upstairs to get ready for bed. “Slow down, Beanie,” said Mom. “Brush your teeth.” “But I have to get Nonni’s message,” said Beanie. “I know,” said Mom. “But her message will still be there after you’ve brushed your teeth properly.” Beanie finished brushing and got into her pajamas. “Let’s look at the moon,” she said as she climbed up to the window. “Do you see a message?” Asked Mom. “I don’t know,” said Beanie. “It just looks like the moon.” “How about this,” suggested Mom. “Close your eyes and think of Nonni. What would she say?” Beanie closed her eyes and sat quietly. “Can you hear her?” “Shh,” said Beanie. “I am listening.” After a few minutes, Beanie smiled. “She said she loves me and she misses me a lot.” “It worked!” Laughed Mom. “That’s great. Now let’s send her one back.” “But how do I do that?” Asked Beanie.

“Well, let’s close our eyes again and imagine Nonni standing right in front of us. What would you say?” Beanie thought for a moment and said, “I love you and I miss you. I drew a picture of a kitty for you.” Opening her eyes, she asked, “Is that good?” “That was wonderful,” said Mom. Then she gave her a kiss and a squeeze and said, “I love you to pieces and pieces. Nonni is going to be so excited to get your message.” That day at school, Beanie showed  Ms. Hala a picture she had drawn. “This is Nonni’s Moon,” said Beanie. “This is how we send messages to each other. I tell her I love her and miss her. And she tells me she loves me, too.” “What a fabulous idea,” said Miss Hala. “Maybe I could do the same with my sister, who lives far away.” “Oh, yes,” said Beanie. “All you have to do is look at the moon and close your eyes and talk. When your sister sees the moon, if she listens very closely, she will hear you.” Beanie fell into a deep sleep, and before she knew it, she was waking up to the rising sun. Again, she raced downstairs. “Can we call Nonni to see if she got my message?” She asked. “Let’s finish eating breakfast and then we can call her,” said Mom. Ring, ring! “Nonni, did you get my message? Did you hear that I drew you a kitty?” Nonni laughed. “I was brushing my teeth and I saw the moon. I closed my eyes and I could hear your voice. It was wonderful. I couldn’t stop smiling and I can’t wait to see the kitty picture,” she said. “It worked!” yelled Beanie. “Let’s do this again. I can’t wait to go to bed tonight.” Nonni laughed. “Enjoy your day and have fun at school. Bedtime will come soon enough. I will send you another message tonight.” After dinner that night, Beanie chose three books and Daddy read all of them. Beanie then went to get ready for bed. “Mom, Dad, come quick!” yelled Beanie. Mom ran into the room. “What’s wrong?” “It’s Nonni’s moon. It’s gone.” Beanie began to cry. “What do you mean, it’s gone?” asked Mom. “Look!” said Beanie. “It’s not in the sky.” Mom looked out the window. It was a cloudy night. And there were no stars and no moon to be seen. “What are we going to do? How can I send her a message?” Mom smiled. “Even though you can’t see it, the moon is always there. Tonight it’s hiding behind some clouds. But you can still send your message. And I bet you will hear Nonni’s as well.” Beanie didn’t think her mom was telling the truth, but she was willing to give it a try.

“Do you hear anything?” Mom whispered. “No,” said Beanie. “How about now?” “Yes, I can hear her. She says she loves me and she loved talking to us on the phone. And she said her cat, Pokey, did something funny.” “That’s wonderful,” said Mom. “See how amazing the moon is? It’s just like Nonni’s love. Even if you can’t see it every day, it will always be with you.” “That makes me very happy.” “Me too,” said Mom. And she gave Beanie an extra tight squeeze.

Thank you for watching Nonni’s Moon written by Julia Inserro and illustrated by Lucy Smith. Unconditional love is giving it all you’ve got because love is always there whether you see it or not. Like a grandmother’s love over a long-distance relationship. The love doesn’t leave when you go on a thought trip. It stays with us in our hearts, no matter how far apart. So when you missing someone, it’s OK because that love will never go away.

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