This guest post was written by one of my SMARTEST friends–REVECA TORRES!

My Smart Friends

By Reveca Torres

Let me introduce you to my friends. They are so smart, and I know you will love them.

My favorite friend is Nestor (Nest Smart Thermostat). He knows when to keep me warm and when to cool me down. He just picks up on what I like and does it — so considerate. When I am away for a while, he doesn’t get cranky with me. On the contrary, he receives me with warmth.

Then there is Yolanda (Yale Smart Door Lock), my newest friend. She is safe, reliable and protective and doesn’t just let anyone come and go into my life. I can trust her.

Hector (the space heater) is my longest and most loyal friend. I hate that I need him so much but love that he is always there when I do. We are together every single day in the winter, so we definitely need a break from each other during summer months.

Then there’s Roberto, or Bob for short (the knockoff Roomba) — what a guy! Bob is always cleaning up my messes. He isn’t afraid to get dirty even when the situation gets hairy. Plus, the cat and the dog love him.

I suppose I want you to know my friends because friends are the ones that support you and your lifestyle choices. As much as we like to be independent individuals, we all know that as people with disabilities it sometimes takes a village of humans and gadgets combined to ensure different levels of independence in our homes and lives.

If you must know, I do have wonderful human friendships that make my life fulfilling and enjoyable, but these four gadgets help me around the house, are familiar with my habits, and keep me safe and warm. Isn’t that what friends do?


hEY Reveca!  I’m going shopping!  Thanks a lot for your friendship and your guidance!

Reproduced with permission from New Mobility Magazine

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