Last night I went to see a play.  I had the best seats in the house, and I enjoyed some delicious fried shrimp and KoolAde which I served myself 5 minutes before the play started.

The play?  Teenage Dick, a re-engineering of William Shakespeare’s tragedy, King Richard III.  I won’t give away the plot line but it’s about bullying, disability, revenge, ambition, love, hope and relationships.

The play was originally intended to be shown only at the Theater Wit in Chicago through April.  However, because of the current pandemic, the cast and crew decided to change it up and have the play streamed into people’s homes for the cost of a ticket.

The ticket prices are very reasonable and all they ask is that each person who watches it has a paid for ticket.  They are trying to ensure that the cast and crew survive during the current pandemic.

Teenage Dick runs 2 hours without an intermission.  I was glued to my seat by the acting, directing and pace of the play.  I follow a little bit of Shakespeare but was never privy to King Richard III before.  I’ll be following more in the future!

The play was written by Mike Lew and directed by Brian Balcom.  The cast and crew include both disabled and non-disabled, a highly talented group of performers who are very desirous of having all cultural spaces accessible to all.  The cast included MacGregor Arney, Courtney Rikki Green, Tamara Rozofsky, Liz Cloud, Ty Fanning, Kathleen Niemann, Terri Lynne Hudson, Jodi Gage, Aaron Latterell and Matthew Schnitker.

You can watch the play on your smart TV or computer.  Because the play is streamed into your home, that makes it accessible to anyone!  Last night’s performance was enjoyed by people as far away as Honolulu.  Be careful, Teenage Dick is for adults, but your kids will get something out of it if you explain to them what they are watching.  And Please make sure everyone has a ticket.

The run has been extended through May 3, 2020 and will be streamed directly into your home.

The Tickets are $28.00 per person

For more information and to buy tickets, https://www.theaterwit.org/ or call the box office at 773.975.8150

I am supporting this production because it is well done.  I paid for my own ticket and am not receiving anything for this review.

Let me know what you thought of this production in the comments below!  If you want to see it again, or if you want to see something else, comment on that, too!

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