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>> Hello, hello, hello. Welcome to Fun for the Disabled Presents Children’s Books for the Disabled. My name’s Henry, and I’m here to introduce you to my friend, Moose, the dog in ‘Hello Goodbye Dog’. Author Maria Gianferrari, and illustrator, Patrice Barton, tell the story of Moose, who learns to overcome her separation anxiety and start in a very special job.

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>> Thanks, Henry. I can’t wait to learn more about Moose in ‘Hello Goodbye Dog’. I’m so glad you’re here to watch this episode of Fun for the Disabled Presents Children’s Books for the Disabled, our series dedicated to sharing stories written especially for you.

’Hello Goodbye Dog’ was written by Maria Gianferrari and illustrated by Patrice Barton. The text copyrighted date is 2017 by Maria Gianferrari. The illustration’s copyright date is 2017 by Patrice Barton.

’Hello Goodbye Dog’ is reprinted by permission of Roaring Book Press, a division of Holtzbrinck Publishing Holdings Limited Partnership. All rights reserved.

Maria Gianferrari, the author, and Patrice Barton, the illustrator, created a book that is not only entertaining but also heartwarming. Zara and her service animal, Moose, had to do some serious problem-solving.

Here’s my friend, Becky Curran Kekula, to read ‘Hello Goodbye Dog’.

>> Hi. I’m Becky Curran Kekula, and I’m going to read ‘Hello Goodbye Dog’.

”Hello, Moose,” said Zara. There was nothing Moose loved more than “hello”. Hello was a ride in the car. “Goodbye, Moose,” said Zara. “It’s time for school.” Moose put on her brakes. It took Mom and Dad to get Moose to leave.

There was nothing Moose disliked more than “goodbye”. Goodbye was an itch that couldn’t be scratched. When Mom checked the mailbox, out zoomed Moose. It was time to say, “Hello.”

Two paws padded on the glass. “Oh my,” said Mrs. Perkins. “It’s my dog, Moose,” said Zara. “Hello, Moose,” said the class. Hello was a pat on the head.

”Dogs aren’t allowed in school,” said Mrs. Perkins. “Moose will be quiet,” said Zara. “She loves story time.” Moose laid at Zara’s feet as Mrs. Perkins read a story.

”Goodbye, Moose,” said Zara. Moose put on her brakes. It took Mom, Dad, Zara, and Mrs. Perkins to get Moose to leave.

Goodbye was being tied up in the backyard. Moose chewed through the rope. It was time to say, “Hello”.

”Hello, Moose,” cried Zara. Hello was having a book and someone to read it to you.

”Dogs aren’t allowed in the library,” said Ms. Chen. “Moose will be quiet,” said Zara. “She likes when I read to her.” Zara read. Kids listened. Moose’s tail swept circles on the rug.

”Goodbye, Moose,” said Zara. Moose put on her brakes. It took Mom, Dad, Zara, Mrs. Perkins, and Ms. Chen to get Moose to leave.

Goodbye was a closing door. Moose pushed through the screen. It was time to say, “Hello.”

”Hello, Moose,” said Zara. Hello smelled like homemade cookies. “Dogs aren’t allowed in the cafeteria,” said one of the lunch ladies. “She’ll be quiet. I’ll just read to her,” said Zara.

Zara read. One kid sat, then another and another until the table was full. Moose’s tail thumped on the floor.

”What’s that dog doing here?” asked Principal Evans. “It’s time for goodbye, Moose,” said Zara. But Moose was tired of goodbye. A game of tag was on. Principal Evans was “It”.

Chairs tipped, kids slipped, teachers tripped, trays flipped, and Moose skipped right back to Zara. Then Moose got tagged.

”Goodbye, Moose,” said Zara. It took Mom, Dad, Zara, Mrs. Perkins, Ms. Chen, Principal Evans, and all the lunch ladies to get Moose to leave.

Goodbye was a tag without an “It”. Goodbye was a tug and no war. Goodbye was a hide without seek. Goodbye was being alone.

”AAAA-WOOO,” yowled Moose. She needed to say, “Hello,” but Zara wasn’t there.

”Hello, Moose,” said Zara. “I know you don’t like goodbyes, and I have an idea.” Zara took Moose to therapy dog school.

Moose was tested on her temperament. Check. On sitting, lying down, staying. Check. On being with children. Check. On being around wheelchairs. Double check. Finally, Moose was ready.

The next day, Moose joined Zara in the classroom. “Hello, Moose,” said the class, Mrs. Perkins, Ms. Chen, Principal Evans, and all the lunch ladies.

Today was “Hello”.

Thank you very much.

>> Thanks for a great reading, Becky Curran Kekula. I’m so glad that Zara and Moose were able to overcome Moose’s sadness at saying goodbye and that they were able to overcome her status as a therapy dog.

Have you ever met a therapy dog, or can you relate to Moose’s experience of not wanting to say goodbye to the people you love? Leave a comment below.

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Thank you all so much for watching. Here’s Henry to close us out.


>> Thank you for watching ‘Hello Goodbye Dog’ by Maria Gianferrari and Patrice Barton.

Yep, yep.

‘Cause it’s okay to feel sad.

It’s really not bad.

It’s a part of life,

And you can make things right.

Turn that sadness to goodness.

Let it ignite.

Have compassion for others

And step in the light.

’Cause you can turn things around.

It’s never lost when it’s found.
Yah, yah.



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