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-[Ana] Hello everyone. Welcome to Zumba. My name is Ana, and I will be your standing Zumba instructor. And I have Katie here with me. Hi Katie. 

-[Katie] Hi Ana, hi everyone. Yeah. So I’ll be doing the seated version for today. 

-[Ana] Yes. So I will be leading the first half of the class and then Katie will be leading the second half of the class. You feel comfortable to either follow myself or Katie, whatever works the best for you. We want you to enjoy the music, to have fun and to dance with us. Make sure you have a clear area around you. Make sure you have some water. And with that being said, I think we can start. Katie, just let me know that you can hear the music well. 

(bright upbeat music) 

-[Katie] Yep. I can hear it.

-[Ana] Okay. Let’s go. Let’s warm up everyone. Okay. march. Woo! Legs are wide. Okay. Let’s raise up our hands one at a time Up, up, up. Yes. Really extend your arms. Up, up. Yes. Woo. Okay. Same thing. Just drop them down. Make sure your back is flat. Yeah. Woo! Up. Down, down, down, down. Yes. Now reach front. Up. Woo! Looking good. Keep going. Katie and I are doing the same thing. Up. Okay. Heel big and hand curl. Hop, hop, hop. Make sure you bend your knees. For those following me. Yes. Biceps curl. Hop, hop, hop, curl, curl, Curl. Yes. Doing good. Now open your arms, one at a time open and make a nice circle. Yes. Looking good. Woo, woo. Hop, hop, hop. Even more. Okay. Walk side to side and roll your hands. Woo! Hop. keep going. Oh yes. (clapping) And we are done. This was a shorter one, but we are moving on. 

(energetic upbeat music) 

Okay. First combination. You will step to the front. One leg at a time and then to the side. Hop. Okay. Let’s go, step to the front. This is basic option and to the side. Okay. If you want to speed it up. Step front, the side. Okay. Now we are adding hand. Opposite hand in a pull motion, open and cross. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Keep going. Three, four. Yes. Woo! Hop. keep going. Woo. One, two, three, four. Okay. Just march in place. Moving on to the next combination. We will shake our hands side to side. Other side One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. To the right. 

(energetic upbeat music) 

To the left. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, great. Again. Woo! Other side. Okay. Side steps and clap. Woo! Keep going. Okay. That’s it. We’ll go from the beginning. Okay. Step to the front. This is basic option. To the side, Or speed it up. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Yeah. Looking great. Keep going. Woo. A little more, hop to the side. One, two, three, four. One more time. Last time. Okay. Let’s shake our hands. One side, other side. I’m also adding my leg tapping in place. Keep going, hands are above your head and you’re slowing them moving them down. Woo. Again. One more time. Okay. Side steps and clap. Woo! And good. Okay. Next combination. Knee upbeat, hands are above your head and you’re pulling them down while bringing your knee up. Woo. Up and down. If you want to speed it up. Hop, hop, hop. Woo. You can always bounce If you feel that you are stable. This is a good balance exercise. Yes. Great job everyone. Okay. Take a sip of water and we are moving on with our next song. Okay. Let’s do this. 

(energetic upbeat music) 

Okay. First combination. We’ll do a grapevine to the right, to the left. Up and clap. Woo. Keep going. Woo. We’ll open hands Wide and bring them up. Up. One, two, three, four. Yes. Keep going. Woo! Up. You can also bring that one knee up if you feel comfortable. Okay. Next combination. Heel big and curl your hands. Make sure you bend your knees so you can go lower. Yes. Katie’s curling her hands as well. You can do side to side. Woo! Come front if you want. Let me see you. Yes. Looking great. Keep going. Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, walk front, up, walk back. Hey, you can bring one knee up. You jump, one, two, three, and jump. Other two, three and jump. Yes. Woo. Okay. Let’s go from the beginning. Grapevine. Up. One, two, three and clap. Yes. Up. Up. Keep going. Up. Woo! Okay. Go back to heel big. Up, up. Roll your hands. 

If you want to do on the side, this is how it’s supposed to look like. Up. Bend your knees, bend your knees. Yes. Woo, woo, woo. Yes. Okay. Walk front. One, two, three add that jump. Go down. Up. Woo. You can have your hands on the side. Just to help you with your balance. Hop. If you decide you want to go for a jump. One, two, three and jump. Or you can just step in place. That’s an option as well. Woo. Up, up. You can always improvise with your hands. Yes. (claps) 

Okay. We have one more song and we’ll make a break. Okay. Here we go. Okay. We have a leg combination. We’ll start with the right leg. We’ll tap two times to the front, back, front, side, back and close, step. Two times front and back. Okay. Front, back, front side, back and close. Two times front, two times back. Front, side, back and close. Hop. Okay. One, two, One, two, three and four. One, two, One, two, three and four. Side steps and clap. Woo. Okay. Next combination is push yourself away. One, two other side. Hop. One, two and switch, hop and switch. one, two and switch. Hop, hop, and switch. Yes. Okay. That’s it, from the beginning. Step two times, front and back, front, side, back and close. One, two, back, two, front, side, back and close. Adding hands, up. One, two, three and close, switch. Hop. One, two, three. Keep going. Hop. One, two, One, two, three and close. Let’s switch. Hop. One, two, three and close. Last time. Yes. Side steps, clap and breathe. Woo. Looking good. 

We’ll do push yourself away again. Just a little more clapping. Yes. Okay. Let’s go. Push yourself away. One, two, switch one, two switch, hop and switch. one, two, and switch hop. Woo. And switch. One, two, and switch. Okay. Let’s roll our shoulders back. Yes. Hop. If you want, you can go in a nice squat position. Yes. Woo. Back, cross. Back, cross and you’re extending your arm. Up, up, up, up. Woo, woo. Yes. And front. And we are done! (clapping) 

-[Katie] Awesome job, everyone! 

-[Ana] This went so fast. 

-[Katie] Mm Hmm. (chuckles) 

-[Ana] I’m doing these songs for the first time and they feel like they’re, they feel like so short. It went so quickly. 

-[Katie] I know. 

-[Ana] But yes. Let’s take a break for a minute. And then Katie will be leading the second half of the class. 

-[Katie] Yes. Sounds good. 

-[Ana] She also has some great songs. (Katie laughing) 

-[Katie] Thumbs up if everyone’s feeling good and we’re ready. All right. So let’s take some deep breaths before we start the second half of the class. So we can, here we go. So ready, a deep breath in. You can extend your arms if you want and then breathe out. Good. And then, back in again, (breathes in) and then out, good. Feel free to grab some water before we start. All right. And we will jump right in. So we’re gonna do a big circle. Here we go. 

(energetic upbeat music) 

Good. And then biceps curl, biceps curl. Again, big circle, biceps curl, biceps curl. We’re gonna go out, out, down, down. Good. Again. Out, out, down, down. Good. Out, out, down, down. Good. Out, out, down and down. Good. We’re gonna open, close, open, close. Open, close, open, good. Keep going. 

(Spanish song)

Good. Big circle. Good. And bicep curl, bicep curl. Good again. Bicep curl, bicep curl. Big circle. Good. last time. Here we go. Circle. Bicep curl, bicep curl. We’re gonna go out, out, down and down. We’re gonna keep going. We’re gonna open back out to the side, and then open and close. Open, close, open, close. Good. Open, and then we’re gonna go circle. Right, left, circle, right and left. Then we’re gonna stretch to the side, come down. Stretch up again. Good. And we’re gonna do the other side. Stretch up. Down, and up. We’re gonna do the circle. Here we go. Biceps curl, biceps curl. Good, again. Biceps curl, biceps curl. Circle. Good. Last time. Here we go. Awesome. Good job guys. 

-[Ana] Katie, you can just lower the sound for a little bit. 

-[Katie] Okay. Okay. We’re gonna go up and down with our arms. Here we go. So, up, up, up up, down, up. We’re gonna push, come in, and shake. Push out, in, and shake. (upbeat music) Push out, and shake. Up and down. Again, up and down. 

-[Ana] Ooh. 

-[Katie] Good. Up and down. Up and down. Then, we’re gonna push to the side. Ready? And shake. Out, in and shake. We’re gonna go up and down with our arm. Good. Other side. Again. Good. We’re gonna move our shoulder out one at a time. And then we’re gonna do both twice. Again, right, left, twice. Good. We’re gonna roll back twice. Good other way twice, again, twice. Good. We’re gonna go up and down. Up and down with the arms. Good. And again. We’re gonna pull. Left, both twice. And again, right, left, both twice. Good. Up and down. Good. Almost there. And good. 

-[Ana] Yes. Woo!

-[Katie] So the next one, we’re gonna do a half circle to the side. Good. And we’re gonna go the other way. Good. Half circle first way. Good. And then the other way. Then we’re gonna flick our four to the side. Good. Four to the other side. Good. Four to the first side. And four to the other side. Then we’re gonna bring one arm out and behind. Good. And add another overhead. And again, one arm out, out. Over the head. Good. Punching to the side. Good. Then punch up, overhead. Out to the side. Good. Then up. We’re gonna greet fine and clap. 

(energetic upbeat music) 

-[Ana] Woo! 

-[Katie] Yep. So we can go side to side if you’d like. Walking side to side. Good. We’re gonna do half circle. Here we go. Good. And to the other side. Good. First side again. Last time. Flicking our wrist to the right four times. Good. Then to the other side four. First side four again. Good. Bringing our arms out and out with the other one. Overhead. Good. Out, out, over the head. And punching out the sides. Good. Over the head. Good. Out to the side. Up overhead. We’re gonna walk to the side and clap. 

-[Ana] Woo. 

-[Katie] Good! Woo! Good job. Okay, we’re going to our next one. We’re gonna wave our hands four, and then down four. Go up four, then down four. If you wanna go slower, you can hold one, two, and then down. One, two. You can go fast four, or slow. Good. Keep going. Good. Good. Up high, and low. We’re gonna row the boat, each side. Good. 

(upbeat music continues) 

Good. We’re gonna march. Big circle to the right, another big circle. Good. Then we’re gonna punch. Right and left. Again, march. Big circle to the left. Last big circle. Good and punch. Right and left. Good. Waving those hands and low. Good. High, and low. We’re gonna row the boat each side. Good. Diagonally and bring it back towards you. Good. Awesome. Okay, marching again. Big circle. Big circle. Good and punch. Right and left. Good, march. Big circle. Big circle. Good punch right and left. Good. Clapping overhead. Good. Awesome. Wave. Down low. Up high, down low. We’re gonna march, big circle, big circle. Good, punch. Right and left. And march, big circle, big circle, good. Punch right and left. Wave high, then low. Again, high, and low. Almost there. Good job everyone. High. And low. Good. And we’re gonna go into our last song. Our cool down song. So here we go. Big stretch. 

(soft guitar music)

We’re gonna reach to the right and hold. Good. We’re gonna come to the other side. We’re gonna stretch up above the head. Good. Roll. Good. Now, we’re gonna bring our head down to one side. And then to the other side. Good. Good. We’re gonna hold across our arm. Now we’re gonna switch arms, cross and hold. Good. We’re gonna lean down and come slowly up. We’re gonna do four shoulder rolls back. Then four shoulder rolls forward. Good. We’re gonna twist to the side. And then to the other side. Okay we’re gonna go down on our knee, stretch the hamstring. Good. And then we can switch sides. Good. We’re gonna come up and we’re gonna put our arm behind our head. Good. And we can switch. Good. And we’re gonna bring our arms down and up overhead. And down. Good. Woo! Good job everyone. Thank you so much for joining us today. Woo! I had some fun. Hope you guys did too. 

-[Ana] Yes. Thank you Katie. Thank you everyone. Bye everyone! Have a good rest of the week.

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