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-Alright let’s warm up. Take those arms, lift them up over your head. Deep breath in, and then release everything as you come down. And then bring it all the way up again, try to really open up through that torso, and then bring those arms all the way down. So we wanna release everything… warming up that back, shoulders, chest. Keep going! Deep breath in and then release it. Few more. Last one. Big inhale up, exhale on the way down. Good, you guys. Now sit up nice and tall. Before we do anything, let’s make sure that we have the intent of lifting up through the torso. [Inhale, exhale]. And then push all that air out. Lift up through the torso [Inhale], and then out. If you have any curve in your spine, any scoliosis, make sure you bring that rib to the front so that you are getting rid of that rotation. [Exhale]. You got it, keep breathing. [Inhale] and out [Exhale]. Good. 

Now bring those arms out to the side, little tiny circles to the front. Let’s warm up those shoulders. Good, and now go the other way. Good guys, nice. Now take those palms, bring them to the front, rotate those shoulders to the front, and then rotate them to the back. Making sure to give that nice little muscle squeeze each time you’re doing it. So this is, what, pronation and supination? We can get super tight. People that use wheelchairs, you guys can get super tight, so it’s really important to work on these muscles, to strengthen and loosen them up. My son hates it, “Too bad!” I said, “You still gotta do it!” [Laughs]. He’s 15. Alright, bring them in, hands in. Push those hands together nice and tight, release all that tension. Lats and scaps come together in the back… and then release it out. Just let those arms float, and then bring them back in. Push those palms together nice and tight. Good, and then float it up. And then bring it in. Push those palms. You got it. Good, and then float it up. And then down. 

Now let’s loosen up that low back a little bit ‘cause we got hinges to start off today. So let’s loosen it up. So put your hands down on either side and just down…and up. Yep, this is a great way to get those hip flexors activated, prime all the joints to take on bigger movements, ‘cause you never wanna start a strength training program without warming up first. You got it, few more. Nice you guys, alright!

So let’s get started, let me move back here so you guys can actually see. And Katie, I’ve got some leg stuff for you to try today too. I’m gonna turn the music down. Alright, we’ve got our weights. First thing we’re gonna do, and I’m sitting here right on my trusty bench, is called a weight shifting. Weight shifting drill. So it’s gonna be just like last week, it’s gonna be circuit training. So we’re gonna have four drills in the first circuit and we do it two times through, okay? So 10-12 reps, or if you’re a beginner 6-8 reps. Take your time, this is your workout, it’s not a race, okay? Strength training should never be done fast, it shouldn’t be done like that. 

So the first thing you’re gonna do is a DB weight shift. So you have both here. You’re gonna pull the weight up… my bad, one weight… and shift. Pull the elbow back, and shift that weight each side. So you’ve got 12 of these. Shift, and pull the elbow back. You got it. And it depends on your weight, so if you’re using a little bit heavier, you’re definitely gonna feel that. 10-12 reps. Elbow goes back each time. You got it. Nice guys. And when you get done with your 12 reps, take a mini break. 

Second drill, you’re gonna need two weights for this one. It’s gonna be hinge curl press. So the feet are together in the front, you’re gonna hinge down, curl it up, press it up, and down. Hinge, curl, press, and up. You got it guys, good. Got 10 of them. Lift up through that torso, press it up, and down. You got it, nice you guys. Let me get in a little bit better spot so you guys can all see me better. Keep going! There we go! Nice. Make sure you finish each movement. 10 reps, you don’t wanna do too many of these. 

Alright, the next drill, when you’re ready, is gonna be hinge chest press. So you’ve got both of your weights, you’re gonna go down, hinge, pull it up. Hinge, chest press. So the lats and scaps come together in the back. Hinge, pull it up. You got it. Nice. Make sure you get those back muscles coming together in the back. Hands come right up at your ribcage on either side of your chest. You got it, good. And when you get to 10 reps, take your mini break. Nice you guys, good. Those ones burn! The biggest thing is those muscles in the back gotta come together, right? 

Alright next one: hinge, double hinge below, press up to shoulders. So it’s gonna look like this, double hinge, and press it up. Okay, you’ve got 10 of them. Double hinge, press it up. Double hinge, press it up. You got it. Nice you guys. Make sure at the top, keep that torso nice and tall. Get that double pump hinge. There you go, good. And when you get to 10, take your mini break. You got it, nice. This is really gonna help you with those hip flexors. When those get tight, it’s no bueno. [Chuckles] You got it, good! Alright, when you get done with that, that was the last drill in this circuit. We’re gonna do it again, alright? 

Little bit easier, second time through, you know what to expect. Alright, so you’ve got that weight shift. You’re gonna drop one weight. You’re gonna have that weight right in the middle, right? Right in the middle. Spread the legs out just a little bit, or you can just put it out in front of you, okay? Depends on your strength there. You’re gonna shift it side to side. You got it. You’ve got about 12 of these. If you think this is easy and you have a really light weight, you could do 15. Pull that elbow back and then weight shift, so you’re getting those obliques, the core is activated plus the upper body, right? You got it, good! Yes, nice you guys! Yep, and when you get done with your reps, take a break, weight goes back in your lap. 

Second drill: hinge curl press. So now you’re gonna grab both weights again. Weights are down by your side, you’re gonna hinge, up, press, and down. Biggest thing with this, nice flat back in that middle ‘cause when we press, keep those shoulders at the ears. Right here. There you go, nice. You got it. Nice fluid motion, hinge, nice flat back, press it up. You got it, good! You got it. When you get to 10 reps, you’re done with this one! I’m trying to watch. You guys are good, you got good form. I’m usually personal training so it’s nice, I’m checking out your form you guys, you look good! Awesome. When you get to 10, you take that mini break in your lap, right? 

Okay, now we’ve got the hinge chest press. So you’re here. You actually can put your weights this way this time. Hinge, press it up. Hinge… take your time on these. Nice flat back, hinge it up. Press, ooh yeah you can feel those lats and scaps together in the back. You got it, good! Nice you guys! Everyone’s smiling, no one’s crying, that’s a good sign! [Laughs] You got it. And when you get to 10, you know the drill, you take a mini break. Good. Phew! Hopefully we’re feeling a little bit warmer, right? 

Okay, now we’ve got that double hinge, press it up. So the double hinge is just giving you even more tasking of those hips, right? The hips, the glutes, and the core. So hinge down, press it up. We’ve got strong glutes, it helps to prevent low back pain as well as a strong core. We don’t need low back pain. Double pump and up you go, good. Good you guys, keep going! I’m watching. When you get to 10, we’re done with that circuit. Nice you guys, good, good job keeping the elbows in by the ribcage when you press it up, good. 

And when you guys are done, I’m gonna quickly show Katie a couple– Katie had asked me for some leg exercises. You guys are more than welcome to try these. These are some that can be done with weights or with a resistance band, one of them you can do with a resistance band. But what you do is you take the weight, you guys, and you put it in between your legs, okay? So if you hold it here in between your legs like this, what you do is you hold onto your chair, okay, on either side, and you just slightly lift the legs up and down. Now that is tough because it’s really tasking your hip flexors, so if that’s not something you are able to do, I totally get that. But I wanted to give that opportunity to Katie because she had asked me. So you just put that weight in between your legs and you’re just gonna lift it up and then down. You guys better really hold into your wheelchair though, okay? On either side, ‘cause you’re tasking those hip flexors. So those of you that wanna try that, try like, not a lot. Like 6 reps of that a couple times through, okay? 

And then another thing you can do is you can put the weight in between your low legs, like in between here, like your feet, right? And you can do it with your feet. See how I have the weight here in between my feet? You don’t lift it up super high, just a little bit off your footplate. Up and down. Okay? So a good way to try some extra things if you have some leg development and you want to work that. You put the weight in between your feet. Good guys? Alright, so you got a little extra break since I was showing you some extra moves. 

Now let’s move into upper body. First thing we’re gonna do is flys. You’re gonna have both weights, you wanna do pretty light with these ones. Out in front, you’re gonna lean forward, nice flat back, push the core in, and then out you go. Nice flys. And it doesn’t have to be high, but the lats and scaps have to come together in the back. We’ve got nice, 10 reps, go nice and slow. Don’t let those shoulders ride up into the ears. You got it. Slight bend in the elbow. Phew! You got it, you guys. Nice and slow and controlled. Yep, and when you get done with your 10, take a break. Those heat up quickly.

After that we’ve got our rows. We’re gonna use one weight at a time for our rows, okay? And in fact, if you have something in front of you, you can also put your hand down to really get that row back. If you don’t, that’s okay. But if you do, you can put your– place your hand in front of you and then row it up and bring it in. Otherwise you’re just gonna lean in your chair, you’re gonna row it and bring it down. Row and bring it down. Keeping the elbow in tight by the ribcage, don’t let that elbow go up too high. Right here. Yes, there you go, good you guys! So you got 10 on the right and 10 on the left. Yep, you wanna feel that tricep engage, that tricep muscle in the back each time you engage it. And when you get done with 10, switch to the other side. So if you wanted to use a chair, you’d be here, you’d have your hand down and you’d be rowing like this, putting your hand in front, okay? Otherwise you’re right here. Nice you guys, make sure to target that back tricep. You got it. And when you get done with your 10 on the left side, the next drill, we’re just gonna kick it up a notch.

It’s gonna be row kickback, okay? So now you row it, kick it back, bring it in, and down. Row, kick it back, bring it in, and down. Alright guys? So you’ve got 10 on the right and 10 on the left. Nice and slow and controlled. Yep, what we don’t wanna see is the elbow up this high, elbow stays in right here. Kick it back and engage that tricep, bring it in, and down. You got it, good. Nice you guys. And when you’ve done 10 on the right, then you’re gonna switch it up and do 10 on the left. You got it, good. Nice, good guys. I’m checking out your form. You got it. These ones can be tough, they light up quickly. The goal and the focus is to keep that tricep in nice and tight. You got it, good. Triceps are some of the smallest muscles in the body but man, they are really important! Phew! And when you get done with that, that’s a heavy set right there, right? Heavy section. Take a mini break. We’ve got one last drill in this circuit, right? And then we go back to the top. When you’re done, you take your break, okay?

So the very last drill in this one is lateral raises. You’re gonna be here– I didn’t mean lateral, I meant front. You’re just gonna lift up those weights, and then down. So the biggest thing with this one, slow and controlled, don’t pump it. Slowly lift it up and then slowly bring it back down. Okay, 8 or 10 of these is plenty. And you don’t wanna super grip the weights so it’s just a light grip on those weights. Make sure you’re using your breathing, right? Breathing out on the exertion. You got it, good. Sit up nice and tall. Nice you guys. This is gonna really target the front of the shoulders, the chest, the forearms which get neglected but we need to work ‘em. And when you get done with your 10, take a break. Take a break and then we’ll do it again, okay? So this is your break in between. Phew! 

Okay, now going back to the top, we start with our flys, right? So again, those weights are out to the side and we’re gonna fly it out, lats and scaps coming together. Here we go. Yep, you wanna have a slight bend in that elbow, bringing those lats and scaps together so you gotta really kinda bend over in your chair. You don’t wanna be upright like this, way too hard. So you wanna be bent over and then you got that row, yeah. And sometimes I tell people, if you can’t feel the back, if you can’t feel those back muscles coming together, drop the weights until you can feel it. Sometimes I do it without any weight until I can really feel those muscles come together in the back. You got it. That’s a tough one! Watch me from the back too. [Laughs]. That’s one of the tougher exercises to get right. 

Okay, next one, your rows, right? One arm, right here. Hold in front or just lean over. Row it up and down. You guys got it. This is my cool– we’re entering into the cool part of the music phase here. [Laughs]. My son’s like, “This is like hip-hop music!” I was like, “I know!” Good, and when you get done with your 10, switch it up to the other side. We’re doing good, we’re in the home stretch! Phew! When you get done with that 10, you can move onto the next drill. 

Row kickbacks, this is our progression, right? So you’re gonna row it up, kick it back, bring it in, and down. Good you guys. This is gonna help you, James, you know how you said you gotta get into that big truck? Yep, this is gonna help you. You got it, 10 on one side then switch it up when you’re ready, and you got 10 on the other. And remember, if 10 is too many reps for you and where you’re at, you can always titrate down, right? You could do 8, you could do 6. Some workouts you might decide to do a heavier weight and do less reps, and that’s good too! You can mix it up. And just for reference, I’m using a 5 right now, that’s what this one is. I’m using a 5. You got it. Take your time. When you get done with your 10 rows with kickbacks, then the last one we got is our front raises, then we’re onto core, and then we’re done!

Phew! Home stretch guys. Lift it up, and down. Make sure you lift up through that torso. Don’t pump the weights up. You bring the weights up. We get tired towards the end of that workout, we wanna kinda like go like this! [Laughs] Don’t do that! Oh, I can feel it! You got it, use that breathing, push that air out on the exertion. Nice, and when you get done to 10, phew! That means we get a mini break! We move onto core! Woo, home stretch! And guess what? We only have two things left for core ‘cause we literally have three minutes left! Oh my god. 

Okay! So you’re gonna do your halos. This is called the abs finisher, that’s what I like to call it. So you’re gonna be here, you’re gonna go around your head to the right, and then you’re gonna go row, and row. Bring it back up, go to the left, you got it! You got 8 of these, row, and row. So keep track of which way you gotta go. Right and then left. You got it! And when you get done to 8, last thing we’re gonna do.

You’re gonna take two weights… when you’re done, when you’re done. Make sure you get your reps in. You’re gonna literally, when you’re done, you’re just gonna hold those weights up over your head, you got a 20 second hold. 20 second hold. And if you wanna hold them with bended elbows, that’s okay. But you gotta lift up through the torso and you gotta hold it up here, 20 seconds and I’m counting. When you’re ready, 20 seconds, just hold it, lift up through the torso. And I know that’s hard, so make sure we don’t let our form suffer. So if your elbows are down here and you hold, that’s okay too. Try to keep that head midline. Lift up through, breathe. We’re almost there! Three more seconds. Take a break! So you feel that, right? Shoulders, the core is activated, you don’t think much of that, but I’m telling you right now, holding things in that static hold, you will feel it. 

Alright guys, one last time though with those halos, then we’re almost done. Let’s get the halos done and you guys can be done. Row, and row. You got it, good. I gotta put more music on. [Laughs]. There ya go. You’re almost there. Good! Nice guys, home stretch, home stretch, finish strong! And when you’re done with that, back to your hold, last thing we gotta do, 20 seconds and you are done! Hold ‘em up there. Lift up through that torso, and like I said, I’d rather see better form holding them here, good form, nice good posture, no flexing that spine, core is engaged. Keep breathing. And if you’re up here, all the power to ya. Just hold it up there, almost there guys. 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Put those weights down! Ugh, god! Good job you guys!

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