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Hey, friends, it’s Fannie. And with great fascination, we share today’s story: one of imagination. When Milo and Leah join their Mom at the store, they seek out some surprises- Surprises that roar!  Fun4TheDisabled is happy to present today’s book, ‘Dinosaurs in the Hardware Store’ written by Julia Inserro and illustrated by Luis Peres and now here’s our reader for today. 


Dinosaurs in the Hardware Store Julia Inserro Luis Peres. “OK, you two,” said Leah and Milo’s mom. I only have a few things to grab here at the hardware store. You can wander on your own, but don’t get stepped on by a Brachiosaurus. They don’t have the best vision. Leah shook her head. “Mom, there are no dinosaurs in the hardware store.” Milo’s wide eyes looked around. “Mom’s just pulling our legs,” reassured Leah. “Yeah, maybe. Although… that could be a Stegosaurus going up the next aisle!”. “Where did he go?”  asked Leah.

“I don’t see him anywhere!”, said Milo. “Wait. What’s that? Is that the frill of a Triceratops?” “I don’t understand,” exclaimed Leah. “It was right there!” “Wait! Does that look like a Brachiosaurus?” asked Milo. “Be careful,” added Leah. “Mom said they can’t see well.” “Gone again!” sighed Leah. “How are they moving so quickly?” Milo paused. “Hey, Leah, what’s that?” he asked, pointing. “I think it’s a Velociraptor’s claw. Quick, we can catch him!” “Missed him again!” said Milo. “He must be around here somewhere.” “Yikes! It’s a pterosaur!” Shouted Leah. “Where are they hiding?” asked Leah. “Maybe he went under the shelves.” “I don’t see a pterosaur, but that might be an Ankylosaurus’ tail!” gasped Milo. “Absolutely!” shouted Leah. “Hurry!” Catching her breath, Leah sighed. “I guess there are no dinosaurs in the hardware store.” “I don’t know, Leah. Look over there!” pointed Milo. “It looks like a rainforest. If I were a dinosaur, I’d be hiding in there.” Leah smiled. “Let’s go!” Looking around Leah said excitedly,”There have to be dinosaurs in here!” “You go that way,” suggested Milo. “I’ll go this way. Holler if you see a T-rex.” They crept off in separate directions. Creeping along by herself, Leah suddenly felt very small walking under all the towering trees. She was starting to get a little scared. She could hear rustling, but couldn’t see anything. “Milo? Is that you?” she whispered. Milo was feeling a little less brave himself. He snuck along quietly. “Leah said there had to be dinosaurs in here,” he muttered. “I bet a T-rex could hide anywhere.” He suddenly wasn’t sure he actually wanted to find the T-rex. “I better find Leah!” He turned back and ran. “Milo!” shouted Leah, running up to him. Just then a huge shadow moved across them. They looked up and saw a towering figure reaching down. “It’s a Tyrannosaurus rex!” They screamed. “Run!” They raced all the way back through the store. “Hey, guys, I’m done shopping. Did you find any dinosaurs?” asked Mom with a smile. Leah and Milo stopped to catch their breath.

They looked at each other and burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?” Asked Mom. “There are dinosaurs all over the hardware store!” shouted Leah and Milo. “We can’t wait to come again!” Meet the cast. Tyrannosaurus rex T-rex, Velociraptor, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Pterosaur, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Mom, Baby, Milo and Leah. 


Thank you for watching. ‘Dinosaurs in the Hardware Store’ written by Julia Inserro and illustrated by Luis Peres. Get out in front with wild imaginations, silhouettes and a dinosaur hunt because creativity has no limits.  Making fun with every passing minute, even while running errands. It can be a blast making boring places fun that last because our imagination is endless and made for all to access.

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