Exploring Chicago has never been more inclusive! Whether you’re rolling by the lakeside or catching a show downtown, our city’s tourist venues are geared up to welcome everyone. Swipe through to see how Chicago is leading the way in accessibility! #AccessibleChicago #InclusiveCity #TravelWithoutLimits #AccessibleTourism Follow #AccessibleChicago for more tips and guides!

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VANESSA HARRIS: I have multiple disabilities myself, and I think people with disabilities should have a lot of fun.

ALEXIS SMITH: This is really cool.

VANESSA: We wannabe included in everything, and this museum is inclusive of people, of all kinds of abilities.

LADONNA: People with disabilities are people and we should get to go places. The importance of the arts is just everywhere here.

MARIO HERNANDEZ: Accessibility was a big part of the mission.

PERRY DIGGS: We’re always looking for ways to make it better so that as many people as possible can enjoy this museum.

MIA: Wow.

AARON SIEBERT-LLERA: We want to create a space where everybody feels welcome.

TEKKI: It was really nice to come and see that I could get places by myself.

MATTIE: I loved walking around with Bridget to see the things that she was really excited and pointing out, engaging with the different plants.

BRIDGET: The doors were open and they allow me to come in and exhibit the area, and that’s really cool to see that there is something like this.

MEREDITH: The Lincoln Park Zoo does a really good job of engaging all five of your senses.

BILL GREEN: We want our guests to feel like we knew you were coming, and this is a place that has been planned with you in mind.

MIA: I want to be able to tell people that there is no limit to what you can see indifferent parts of Chicago, especially our museums, because this is for everyone and everyone should be able to experience this no matter what level of disability that they have.

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