#Fun4thedisabled’s Vanessa Harris previews the upcoming Abilities Expo, and shows off just what will be in store for those who attend the event.

Fun4theDisabled Presents: The Abilities Expo! A weekend full of opportunities for any disability. There’s lots of new innovative technology, products, services and people to reach out to when you need it. And they’re all here at the Abilities Expo.

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There are many fun activities and workshops for all abilities and ages, such as rock climbing, wheelchair fencing, or even skateboarding.

Hang out with our four-footed furry friends from Barking Angels and miniature horses from Soul Harbour Ranch!

Enjoy cosplay (Currently Only in Houston)

And integrated dancing…

Technology isn’t what it was ten years ago, there are many amazing products that can change the way you go about your life.

JABBERWOCKY: There are a couple of different assistive technology apps. Both based on like a head tracking face controls, so if somebody doesn’t want to use a touch device. or needs to have a sense of speech app.  Then you use Google speech, you can move your head around and type on a keyboard and then  use text to speech to speak that way. And that’s that one over there.

And then this one, this is going beta is a web browser based on similar technology. So you move your head around, you scroll up and down on a web page. And you blink to click on the links and you can watch videos, news, and get on Facebook. You can interact. But yeah, it’s really just based on you’re not using your hands to be able to do things on your device.

STANDOLOGY:  If you’ve ever wanted to meet someone eye-to-eye, Standology can show you a device that lets you stand! Standing can help in a multitude of things, like stretching your muscles, improving blood flow, and can even increase the number of job opportunities for you!

REWALK:  If you’ve ever wanted to try walking,, ReWalk has created robotic exoskeleton that provides powered hip and knee motion.

There’s so much to explore out there and the Abilities Expo is here to inspire you to live your life the way you want to live it. No disability should take away your motivation.

You’ll be greeted by some of the kindest and most supportive people on the planet.

So come meet them!

Last time our very own Vanessa Harris was able to meet Micah Fowler, star of the TV show Speechless on ABC-TV and now she’s going to be an ambassador in Chicago’s Expo.

So many cool people will be going so don’t forget the date!

The Abilities Expo will be in:

Chicago June 21-23

Houston August 2-4

Boston September 13-15

San Mateo October 25-27

Dallas December 13-15

Los Angeles February 21-23 2020, and

Toronto May 29-31 2020.

The Abilities Expo is here to show you that you are not alone in your search for better living and fun.


Mark Wellman, celebrated disabled mountain climber, founder of No Limits, adventure athlete and motivational speaker will be in Chicago with the  mini-El Capitan mountain, sponsored by Liberator, which you can climb.  Wellman will be featured in an interview later this year here at fun4thedisabled.com

Tanya Ewell and Sara Lawrence-Sucato of Dancing Wheels will also be performing in Chicago.  They were featured in a video last month which you can see on the site now.

Another new feature at the Chicago Expo will be An Accessible Yoga Workshop.  An interview with Accessible Yoga founder Jivana Heyman, Sarah Helt and Jackie Gadd will be released here in the fall.

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