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Hey, everyone. It’s Fannie here to read another book for you and me. It’s a fun one today. So without hesitation, it’s the story of a girl with a big imagination.  Fun4TheDisabled is happy to present today’s book, ‘A Unicorn Ate My Homework’, written by Julia Inserro and illustrated by Miro Tartan. And now here’s our reader for today, Whitney Hill.

A unicorn Ate My Homework and Other Imaginative Possibilities by Julia Inserro and Miro Tartan. Lindy Loom loved to tell stories. The bigger, the better. She loved to tell silly stories. “My little brother farted so hard, he blew his pants off!” She loved to tell sad stories. “Nobody would play patty-cake with Zink because she was from the Planet Snork and was made of slime.” She loved to tell scary stories. “Then, the  Blorg roared so loudly that his teeth exploded.” Everyone loved Lindy’s stories. Everyone except Lindy’s teacher, Ms Pinch. There’s no such place as Snork, Lindy!” “Has anyone seen my apple?” Ms Pinch asked one morning. “Maybe a giraffe stuck his head in the window and grabbed it.” Suggested Lindy. “Yeah, right.” Smirked Ms Pinch. “A giraffe.” “Where are all the jump ropes?” “I bet a capybara took them. He’s probably going to weave them into a hammock,” offered Lindy. “Capybaras are the largest rodent in the world and I bet they love a good nap in the breeze!” Ms Pinch sighed.

“I seriously doubt capybaras weave hammocks.” “Oh, my stars!” Exclaimed Ms Pinch. “I  left the paint right here. Where is it?” “Oooh, what if  a family of anteaters tromped in and  drank all the paints? Maybe they thought it was a juice bar.” “Or maybe Dominic hid them?” Asked Ms Pinch. “OK, everyone, grab a ruler. ” Who can tell me what we use rulers for?” Lindy smiled. “I heard a  rumor that chickens desperately want to go to the moon. Maybe they would use rulers to build the rocket?” Ms Pinch rolled her eyes. “Lindy Loom, we have a problem,” groaned Ms Pinch. “Your imagination is too fantastical. There is no place for imagination during math class.” “But we use imagination  in engineering and architecture and science. Plus, art and music,” Lindy stated. “Didn’t you ever imagine things when you were little?” Ms Pinch sighed. “That was a long time ago, Lindy. Let’s get back to math.” During science class, Dominic said, “Look, everyone, the birds are eating all our mung beans.” Lindy started drawing a picture of bears making mung bean  jewelry.

At lunchtime, Andrew muttered, “I can’t believe they’re out of pickles.” Lindy thought, “I wonder if some snakes took them. “Maybe they had a pickle-eating contest.” “Lindy, you know the snakes don’t like pickles,” winked Ms Pinch. After lunch, it was time for music class. Ms Pinch asked, “Has anyone seen the sheet music?” Lindy looked around, then offered, “I bet a colony of bats swooped in and took them to make paper airplanes so they can rest their wings.” Ms Pinch shook her head and hid a smile. “I just had the pencils,” sighed Ms Pinch. “Did anyone see where they went?” “Maybe a porcupine lost her quills,” suggested Lindy. “She was feeling self-conscious, so she took the pencils and a glue stick to make herself some new quills.” “Yes, Lindy,” smiled Ms Pinch. “It must have been a porcupine.” “Don’t forget to hand in your homework before you leave today,” Ms Pinch reminded everyone. Lindy didn’t move. “Lindy, do you have your assignment?” Lindy chewed on her lip. “No. I forgot it. I’m sorry.” Ms Pinch looked at Lindy.

“You forgot it? Or… maybe a unicorn ate your homework?” Lindy laughed. “Yes, Ms Pinch. It was definitely a unicorn. I promise I’ll bring it tomorrow.” Ms Pinch, I overheard the principal say she wanted to paint the back wall.” She does? Do you have any ideas of what we could paint?” Lindy smiled. “Maybe porcupines with pencils. Bats on paper airplanes, and a capybara in a hammock?” “Perfect!” said Ms Pinch, “I’ll get us paint for tomorrow. The next day, everyone grabbed the paintbrush. “It looks great class! I love your imaginations,” cheered Ms Pinch. “And Lindy, don’t forget to give the unicorn some fresh homework to munch on.” Thank you for reading. Please leave a review- we love to hear from you. And don’t forget to check out other books by Julia Inserro. Get your free activity book at www.Juliainserro.com. Dedicated to LM and N who keep my imagination hopping every day. May you never lose yours and keep shooting for the stars. I love you to pieces JI. To A and G, thank you for the flame of imagination you keep burning.

It makes my days brighter and full of colour. MT. the end.


Thank you for watching, “A Unicorn ate my homework Written by Julia inserro and illustrated by Miro Tartan. Big imagination. Crazy explanations. There is no limit to our destination. Just more creation. A teacher versus student. That’s fun exploration. Because when your  kind teacher plays along, the story goes on and on and it’s filled with fun to infinity and beyond.

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