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Hi, friends. It’s Fannie. I hope you’ve been well. We have another story for our reader to tell. In today’s book, little Nyla paints with a passion, but what happens when her painting almost turns to obsession? Fun4theDisabled is happy to present today’s book, Don’t Paint the Cat! Written by Julia Inserro and illustrated by Tanja Varcelija. And now, here’s our reader for today, Dr Chantrise Holliman.

Don’t Paint the Cat! Written by Julia Inserro, illustrated by Tanja Varcelija. Nyla loved to paint. She painted on the swings. She painted at school. She painted while reading. She even painted while brushing her teeth. “Nyla, can you wait just five minutes before you start painting again?” Asked her mother. “You’ve made a rainbow bathtub again.” Even her teachers commented. “Nyla, please focus on your math test now.” “Nyla, you can’t pirouette and paint, dear.” One day it was raining. Nyla couldn’t go outside. “That’s OK. I’ll paint inside,” she said. So, she painted. And she painted… and she painted… and she painted some more. By the time it was lunchtime, she had used up all the paper in the house. “What else can I paint on?” she wondered. “Nyla!” yelled her mother. “Don’t paint the cat!” “Go do something else. No painting. But first, bathe Wally.” Nyla bathed Wally. Wally discovered he’d rather be painted than bathed.

Nyla wasn’t sure what else she should do. She tried hopscotch. She built a city. She played with her dolls. She did cartwheels. She braided her hair. She skateboarded. She baked some cookies. It was all fun, but something was missing. Over the next few days, Nyla did her best to fill her time with anything but painting. “Nyla, I know you’ve been really sad because you haven’t been able to paint,” said her mother. “I’m sorry I said no more painting. I know it makes you really happy. How about this? Let’s create some painting rules.” Nyla and her mother got out some new paper and made some painting rules. One, we paint on paper. Two, we paint sitting at the table or standing at the easel. Three, we don’t paint the cat. When they were done, her mother asked, “What do you think of those?” Nyla looked at the rules. “I think they’re good,” she said smiling. From that day forward, Nyla was allowed to paint every day and almost everywhere.

Thank you for watching, Don’t Paint the Cat! Written by Julia Inserro and illustrated by Tanja Varcelija. Hobbies are amazing. They’re the passion, we’ve been embracing that make us feel good, just like it should, like taking a paintbrush and painting. To every stroke, we are raising, it makes every second worth gazing, a place we know the rules and boundaries, paying attention and listening soundly. Well, it’s our responsibility to dive into our creativity. (MUSIC PLAYS)

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