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Hello and welcome.  Fun 4 the Disabled presents Books for the Disabled.  I’m Henry.  I want to introduce you to today’s book, The Do-Over Day, written by Julia Inserro and illustrated by Miro Tartan.  In this book, all of LAYLA’s plans go astray.  She wants to fix it with the do-over day.  Here’s Vanessa.

>>  Hello.  Welcome to Fun 4 the Disabled presents Children’s Books for the Disabled, a series of read alongs by, for, and about persons with disabilities.  My name is Vanessa, and I am so glad you’re here.

Today, we have a wonderful book entitled “The Do-over Day” written by Julia Inserro and illustrated by Miro Tartan, and we have our friend, actress Donna Russo, reading the book for us.  Take it away, Donna.

>>   I’m Donna Russo.  Sometimes, I’d like to have a do over day.

It was tuck-in time.  “You’re in deep thought, Layla,” Grandma said.

“I’m just thinking about today.  I need a do-over day.”

“You’d like to do the day all over again?” asked Grandma.

“Oh, no!  It means you get to do things differently.  Mom has do-overs all the time.  It’s for when things don’t go well.  You try to have a better day tomorrow.”

“That sounds really smart,” said Grandma.  “What went wrong today?”

” Well, first I had to get up early even though it was Saturday.  Mac used my favorite cup at breakfast, and the maple syrup touched my strawberries.

“Then, Nina used all my favorite socks on her octopus so I had to wear white plain socks.

“Mom said I couldn’t wear my mermaid costume to the dentist. . . .

“And at the dentist, Niña got to push the elevator buttons first.

“Mac and Niña got to ride in the grocery cart and pretend they were flying and I had to hold onto the side.  The store was all out of O-Tee-Os so we got Nina’s favorite Wheatie-Bees.  Yuck.

“Nina’s window was down more than mine.  And Mom said we didn’t need to get any donuts even after I told her that it was Secret Donut Saturday.

“Mrs. McCarver said I wasn’t allowed to wear my rain boots for ballet class!

“Then, at home, Mom said don’t put make-up on the cat.

“Then, Coco stole my pencil and Mom said I had to include Nina and Mac when I played Cupcake Maze, even though they play it wrong.

“After that, Dad said I couldn’t use his tools and Mac and Niña got to lick the cookie batter bowl.  I only got the spoon.

“And then Mom said I couldn’t eat nine cookies, even though she knows that nine is my favorite number of all time.

“Dad questioned whether I actually used soap to clean my hands . . .

“And then he said I couldn’t wear my snorkel and fins in the bathtub.

“Mom told me I couldn’t wear my tutu to bed.  Nina chose Pink Prancing Ponies for a bedtime story even though she chooses it every single night.  And Coco wanted to sleep with Mac instead of me.

Grandma sat quietly and held Layla’s hand.  Then she said, “You have quite the memory.  That’s a lot to deal with.  So, what would you do differently in your do-over day?”

Layla thought for a moment.  “I guess it would be difficult to wear my mermaid costume in the car.  And maybe wearing rain boots would make it hard to pirouette.  Nina really does love pushing elevator buttons, so we could take turns,” said Layla.

“Those are great ideas!” said Grandma.

“And maybe I could just wear my snorkel and use the fins at the beach.”

Grandma smiled.

“You know, sometimes I have bad days, too” said Grandma.  “Do you think I can have a do-over day as well?”

Layla smiled.  “Definitely.  Everyone can have a do-over day.”

“Good night, my love,” said Grandma.

“Good night, Grandma.  I love you.  Now, I’m excited about having my do-over day.”

Thank you so much for reading The Do-Over Day with me.  And I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did telling you the story.

>>  I really enjoyed that story.  Thank you so much, actress Donna Russo, for reading that to us.  Wasn’t Layla’s do-over day way better?  If you could have a do-over day, what would you do?  If you have a do-over day idea that you would like to share, have your parents tell us about it in the comments below.  We’d love to hear about them.

The actress who read the story, Donna Russo, is an Emmy-nominated actress for her series, “Donna on the Go,” which is also won the Telly Award for television series.  This particular Fun 4 the Disabled presents Books for the Disabled was co-produced by Peggy Lane of Catholic Guilt productions.

And remember no matter how terribly a day may seem to go, you’ll always have tomorrow to give it another try.  Subscribe to watch more fun read-alongs like this one.  Thank you again so much for watching Fun 4 the Disabled presents Children’s Books for the Disabled read-alongs by, for, and about people with disabilities.

Will you close us out, Henry?  Bye bye.

>>  Thank you for watching “The Do-over Day” by Julia Inserro and Miro Tartan.  [Starts rapping to music.]  No matter how bad things get, no matter how hard it may be, don’t let it get you down.  Because after the night, there’s always a new day to be found.  It’s called the do-over.  It’s a lucky four-leaf clover.  ‘Cuz it helps us learn from our experiences, so we can be victorious, yes, because we are the best from the East to the West, oh yeah.


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