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Our aim is to create awareness about the value the disability community brings to the global society. When you join our team, you can help us create inspiring and educative content to support and advocate for people with disabilities.

Full Time Positions

Assistant Operations Director:

The Assistant Operations Director will be responsible for assisting the day-to-day facilities of Strategy for Access Foundation NFP including (but not limited to) administrative duties, grant proposal writing, maintaining contact lists as well as digital/physical records, planning and scheduling meetings, and acting as a point of contact for internal and external clients.


Strategy for Access is hiring contractors and an Assistant Operations Director for a Chicago based project. ​

Please contact Vanessa Harris for the RFPs at fun@fun4thedisabled.com.

Part-Time Positions

Accessibility Consultant:

The Accessibility Consultant will be responsible for working with management staff on ADA compliance at the various venues to be featured in the series, as well as assisting with script writing, casting, and reviewing the final videos to make sure that not only are the filming venues accessible to the documentary subjects/actors, but also that the final videos are accessible to the widest audience possible.



Actors with various disabilities and backgrounds will be responsible for memorization of scripts to perform within various venues based on directors guidance and instructions. Actors may appear in no more than two videos and will be encouraged to share opinions of tourist attraction venues in terms of accessibility and accommodating features.


Production Company:

Production Company to shoot and edit at least ten educational videos, with shooting between April 2023 through July 2023, about various venue’s accessibility features in the Chicagoland area. Production will include camera work, lighting, sound, and is expected to take 5 days per venue at 10 venues for 50 days. The Production Company should also have experience with a non-linear editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, etc with post-production to occur in the late summer and autumn of 2023.


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