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My name is Henry. Please join us right here for a read-along adventure. To bring you cheer. Fun4theDisabled is happy to say children’s books for the disabled is here for you today. Today’s book will be the Hiccupotamus written and illustrated by Aaron Zens. In this story, the hippopotamus has a bad case of hiccups, and it causes all sorts of chaos for him and his friends. Find out what they do to cure this case of hiccups. Now, here’s Vanessa with a special guest.

Thank you, Henry. That’s right, everyone, here to make a special appearance is the Hiccupotamus himself. According to author and illustrator, Aaron Zens, the hiccups that the Hiccupotamus makes are a sound just like Aaron’s. What do you think [laughter]? Our other special guest today is Becky Curran Kekula, who will be reading this story to us.

In the story, The Hiccupotamus, we find out what happens when something you have causes everything to go kerflooey all the time. Take it away, Becky.

>> Hi, my name is Becky Curran Kekula, and I’m going to read The Hiccupotamus. Hick, hick, hick. There was a hippopotamus, who hiccupped quite-a-lotamus, And every time he got emus, He’d fall upon his bottomus. One day he saw an elephant with cakes of green and yellowphant. He tried to tell her “hellophant,” but it didn’t go so wellephant.

She chased him toward a centipede pouring new cementipede. He hic’ed by accidentipede and tripped the elephantipede. They ran near a rhinoceros with minty dental flosserous. His string went all criss-crosserous, and that was the last strawcerous.

They tried to find a therapy. Some cure which they could shareapy, a what or why or whereapy to stop this long nightmareapy. So They wrapped him ’round with licorice and spun him very quickerish. They secured him to a buffalo and made him huff and puffalo. They acquired an aquarium AND flashed him something scaryum. They poured him tubs of vinegar and tickled his chinny-chin-chinigar.

And then at last – a miracle. His hiccups, so severeacle, just didn’t reappearacle. He grinned from ear to earacle. Until, hic, hic, hic, hic.  Thank you.

>> Thank you, Becky Curran Kekula for reading to us. What a fun story. I really liked how the elephant, the rhinoceros, and the centipede all came together to try and help the Hiccupotamus with his hiccups. Even if they all ended up getting the hiccups.

When one member of the community is having a problem, it can affect everyone else. So we all have to support each other like the Hiccupotamus and his friends. Have you ever been gotten a bad case of the hiccups like the Hiccupotamus? What do you do when you get the hiccups?

>> Hiccup, hiccup.

>> If you’ve got a cure, I’m sure the Hiccupotamus would appreciate your advice. Ask a family member to help you leave a comment in the section below. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to our newsletter and check out Fun for the Disabled presents Children’s Books for the Disabled. The Hiccupotamus was written and illustrated by Aaron Zens. And published by Amazon Publications. Thank you. Bye-bye.


>> Thank you for watching. And hope you enjoyed the Hiccupotamus written and illustrated by Aaron Zens. Okay. Let’s go. Because friends help each other out. That’s what their about because it’s nice to lend a hand and good to have a plan. When getting a bad case of the hiccups, that’s no fun, but when it’s done, that’s when you’ve won. So thanks for watching, listening to some hippo hopping.


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