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[George the Puppet]: Hello everybody, I hope you’re having a wonderful day. It’s George the Puppet and I’m here to say Fun 4 the Disabled presents our newest book in “The Children Books That Heal” series: “Zeze the Copycat” written by Oye and Sabrina Akintan, illustrated by Anirban Ghosh. This book is about a young boy who learns a valuable lesson that it’s not nice to mock people. Now, I would like to welcome Vanessa to introduce our reader for today.

[Vanessa]: Thank you, George. I have a copycat myself today and she is driving me crazy! But, I’m looking forward to sharing this story with everyone today. Actress Terri Lynne Hudson will be reading “Zeze the Copycat”. This adorable rhyming story teaches us a valuable lesson about always being an individual; You have to be yourself. In the story, we meet Zeze, who constantly annoys his sister Soso by copying everything she does. He later finds out this is no fun when Soso gets him back in a playful way. But without further ado, let’s find out what happens!

[Terri Lynne Hudson]: “Zeze the Copycat” by Oye Akintan and Sabrina Akintan.

Zeze was just five years old and did what all kids do. He was a kind, happy boy with a strange habit, too.

When he watched TV at the end of the day, he’d listen to the voices and repeat all they’d say. It wasn’t just the voices that Zeze would sit and do; he also copied sound effects and even music too!

One day his sister, Soso, tried to watch a TV show, but Zeze copied all he heard, which made her start to blow!

“Stop copying the TV!” said Soso to her brother. “My brother’s so annoying- can I swap him for another?!” Zeze was a copycat; he liked to tease his sister. He poked his nose and crossed his eyes, that cheeky little mister!

“Stop copying me,” Soso cried, as angry as could be. “Stop copying me,” Zeze said, smiling, so carefree. Soso was really mad now, at the cheeky little man, but luckily for Soso, she had an awesome plan!

To show him how it feels, Soso would copy too. She’d show him it’s annoying, as he didn’t have a clue.

She said, “My name is Zeze; I’m a silly little boy. So silly that I’m breaking, my own favorite toy.”

Zeze looked at Soso not knowing what to do. His face then formed a scowl; had she gotten him now too?! Zeze watched as Soso laughed, so upset at her game. He wished that she would stop now, doing everything the same.

He stared at her a little while, then looked at the TV. “I want to be alone now; please just let me be.” Soso now showed Zeze how it felt to be teased. She copied all he had to say, which did not leave him pleased.

“It’s not funny!” Zeze cried as heated as the sun. “I don’t like you’re teasing now, this copying isn’t fun.”

Zeze looked at Soso, and pointed at his head. “What if I don’t copy you, but Mom and Dad, instead?” Bad idea, thought Soso. She warned him to beware, but Mom and Dad heard Zeze and told him, “Don’t you dare!”

What could they mean? Zeze thought, don’t copy Mom and Dad? Copying is a silly game, with so much fun to be had.

You can copy out of kindness, but to mimic can be cruel. Be yourself and all is fine, keep this simple rule: Copying others may be funny, but annoying for some, too. You don’t need to copy others; You’re awesome at being you!

[Vanessa]: Welcome back, everyone. Wasn’t that a great story? I’m sure Zeze won’t mock his sister anymore. Thank you actress Terri Lynne Hudson for reading us that wonderful book; I hope everyone enjoyed it. I learned that it’s not nice to copy the things your siblings or friends do. It makes them sad and upset, and we don’t want that. Wouldn’t you guys like to be treated nicely by others? This is why it is important to always treat our friends and family members with kindness and respect. Once again, we appreciate Terry Lynn Hudson for reading us this awesome story. If you would like to see more videos like this one, please subscribe to our newsletter and check out more of our Fun 4 the Disabled Presents: “Children’s Books That Heal” series. Stop that, Vanessa! Take us out of here, George, Bye-bye!

[George the Puppet]: Thank you for watching “Zeze the Copycat” written by Oye Akintan and Sabrina Akintan. Now, let’s improve negative behavior. Let’s do it now, not later. ’cause it’s not nice to intentionally annoy your siblings, it’s really just a mean thing. So let’s cut back on the arguing and do more listening. Let’s be kind and gentle, and more respectful because we are all sisters and brothers, and shouldn’t shadow others. So let’s just do our best, oh yes, and hold it down from the East to the West.

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