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>> Hey, there, everyone. Are you ready to have some fun? “Fun 4 the Disabled Presents Children’s Books 4 the Disabled.” Hooray. Today’s book is called “There Once Was a Camel,” written by Michelle Friedman and illustrated by Debbi Scher Geller. This book is about a girl who is visited by a special camel named Milly, who has three humps, wears shoes, bakes, and even goes to the movies. Keep listening if you want to hear about Milly’s fun visit. And now, here’s Vanessa to introduce our reader for today.


>> Thank you, Henry. Today, actress, singer, and entrepreneur Jess Vann will be reading “There Once Was a Camel,” written by Michelle Friedman and illustrated by Debbi Scher Geller. Michelle is a talented blind writer who teamed up with her friend Debbie to create this story. Milly the camel is a well‑dressed, accomplished, tough animal, who takes over a family’s household. Take it away, Jess!

>> “There Once Was a Camel,” written by Michelle Friedman, illustrated by Debbi Scher Geller. There once was a camel.


(chuckling) Look at this camel.

There once was a camel with three humps, not two. She wore three sneakers, and one high-heeled shoe. She knocked on our door with a hat on her head, “I’ve come for a visit,” she actually said. She walked in our house, hung her coat on a hook, and sat down to read a big picture book. I’m trying to think where this camel came from. Shouldn’t she be in the hot desert sun? This camel could go for days without drinking. Creepier still, she went days without blinking.

[Jess blinks at the camera]

But when she was ready for something to drink, she’d turn on the faucet in our kitchen sink. Now, why was that camel with more than two humps sleeping with teddy in my bottom bunk? Uh‑oh, I think I just heard my dad holler, “Why is there a camel in my bathroom shower?” I would never believe, had I not seen for myself — she’s wearing my bathrobe, right off of my shelf. Now Mom feeds that camel some toast and some jelly, trying to fill her big furry belly. Things in my house seem strange and quite silly. That camel just told us that she is called Milly.

Hey, girl, hey, Milly. (chuckling)

Milly told Mom that she likes to bake cookies and pies and a chocolate mousse cake. Mom hands her an apron, some flour and eggs. How does she bake with no hands and four legs? The kitchen’s a mess, but it sure smells delicious. I’m wondering, though, who’s washing those dishes? It’s getting too weird. I don’t get it at all. Milly told Mom she would drive to the mall. While at the mall, she went to a movie. Milly ate popcorn and a strawberry smoothie.

Ooh, that sounds good.

Before Milly asks for tea from a cup, I think it’s time I wake myself up. Now that I’m up, and getting out of bed, I’m sure that camel was made up in my head. There’s just one little thing that’s left to explain. Why does my robe have a new jelly stain?


[Jess winks at the camera]

>> What a great read! Jess Vann’s read of Milly’s story was as impressive as are both Jess and Milly. Jess and Milly have a lot in common. Milly, the camel, is unlike any other camel. But that’s just what makes her so much fun. If Milly visits us one day, what do you think she’d tell us? I think she’d say, “No matter how different you are, always stay true to yourself, and remember to have fun along with way.” Kids, I hope you enjoyed meeting Milly. Her story was created by two good friends working together, the author and the illustrator. What are some ways your friends, you, and your family can have fun and create new things together? Please have your parents help you share your comments below. Thank you once again, Jess Vann, for reading “There Once Was a Camel.” If you’ve enjoyed this video, please subscribe to our newsletter, and check out more of our “Fun 4 the Disabled Presents Children’s Books 4 the Disabled” series. Take it away, Henry. Bye bye!

>> Thanks for watching “There Once Was a Camel,” written by Michelle Friedman and illustrated by Debbi Scher Geller.  Hey, are you ready? Okay, let’s go.

[Rapping] Be yourself, and don’t be afraid to be silly. It’s okay to be like Milly. The value of working with others is amazing. It’s captivating and entertaining. So be happy to just be you doing all those cool things that you do. Because you are super fly, and hey, thanks for dropping by.


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