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Welcome to “Fun 4 the Disabled Presents Children’s Book for the Disabled.” My name is Henry and I’m here to introduce our book for the day, “Ricky, the Rock that Couldn’t Roll,” written by Jay Miletsky and illustrated by Erin Wozniak. Even though Ricky the rock has a flat side, his friends helped show him how to have a fun ride. Here’s Vanessa.

Thanks, Henry. Thanks for watching “Fun 4 the Disabled Presents Children’s Book for the Disabled.” a series by, for and about persons with disabilities. I’m Vanessa and I’m so excited to have you listen to “Ricky, the Rock that Couldn’t Roll,” a story about Ricky, how he and his friends work together. The book was written by Jay Miletsky and illustrated by Erin Wozniak. Without further ado, here’s my friend, Actor Tim Snoha to read to us today.

>> “Ricky the Rock that Couldn’t Roll.” Over the lake and out past the bay, was a green grassy hill where the rocks came to play. They would race to the top to take in the view then roll their way down, the way rocks love to do. There were Kip, Pip, and Chester and Marvin the Boulder. Ignatius played too though he was much older. And a group called “The Pebbles” never, ever sat still, zig-zagging their way up over the hill.

Kai was a meteorite and not from this planet and Maya was lava but taken for granite. Stu was the smart one, Parker, the clown and grumpy old Ebert rolled round with a frown. Gabby was sassy, Leesie had flair, Emma was giggly and Hud had black hair.

“How do you make a tissue dance?” “Seriously?” “You put a little boogie in it.” The one trait that seemed to be shared by them all was that every rock there was shaped like a ball. Because they were round, they could easily roll, through the grass, past the lake, up and over the knoll except for poor Ricky who quietly sat. You see. Rick couldn’t roll because one side was flat. “What part of this is supposed to be fun?” His friends didn’t get it. “Come roll,” they would chant. Ricky tried but replied, “I’m sorry, I can’t.”

But the rocks were determined, they were sure they could solve Ricky’s flat-sided problem and help him revolve. Marvin the Boulder, with his impressive physique, carried Rick all the way to the hill’s grassy peak then he pushed him downhill, yelling, “Keep rolling kid.” But Rick didn’t roll, he just kind of slid. “This feels like a bad idea.” Well, the rocks weren’t done, not by a mile. Surely, this next try would get Rick to smile. They stuck rubber balls all over Rick, using big gobs of glue to get them to stick. They were proud of themselves. “This will work,” they announced. But Ricky still couldn’t roll. Now he just sort of bounced. “No good, no good, no good.”

Well, they pushed and they pulled, trying every which way to get Rick to roll but by the end of the day, nothing had worked, just like Rick expected. He ended up feeling depressed and dejected. “It’s no use,” Ricky sighed. “There’s just isn’t a way so I’ll sit off to the side and watch you all play.” But his friends wouldn’t quit. “We’re here for you, brother. We’ll get you to roll one way or another.” They pondered in thought, each draining his brain, till they looked up and saw it was starting to rain. That’s when it hit that smart stone named Stu. “Eureka.” he shouted. “I know just what to do.”

He explained to them how they would get Rick to tumble. “My plan is pure genius,” Stu wasn’t too humble. They carried our hero down the road about a mile to the lake where they gathered up mud they could pile on the flat side of Rick, creating a mound, that they shaped, smoothed and sculpted until it was round. Then after the rain with the sun in the sky, they left him to bake till the mud was all dry. They gathered up vines and one colorful feather that they wrapped all around Rick to keep it together.

When the last knot was tied, and the work was all done, the only step left was for Rick to have fun. They stood back and watched feeling nervous and tense, as Rick breathed in deep with increasing suspense. He moved slowly at first testing out his new roll, and then, for the first time, Ricky the rock rolled. So, Bria the ladybug, who’d been there from the start, felt a surge of pure joys fill up in her heart. She thought as she watched her friend play on the hill that there’s always a way if there’s also a will. She said to herself, as Ricky rolled down the slope, “When you’re surrounded by love you always have hope.”

>> Wow, thank so much Actor Tim Snoha for that fantastic interpretation. Hearing about the way that Ricky and his friends joined together to play together despite their differences was sweet. This book was a good reminder of how important it is to be a good friend and to be there for anyone who may need your help. Can you think of a time when a friend, parent, or sibling helped you to have fun? Leave a comment below, and we’d love to hear your stories. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more fun videos. As always, thanks for watching “Fun for the Disabled Presents Children’s Books for the Disabled” Take it away Henry.

>> Thanks for watching, “Ricky the Rock that Couldn’t Roll” by Jay Miletsky, and Erin Wozniak. Now, hey, remember, no matter how hard things get, don’t ever hold on to regret. Don’t ever second guess yourself, you can do it with a little help. No matter how different you think you are, you’re just as shiny as the star, and there’s always people who will lend a hand, so you can take life by command. Oh, yes, because when there’s a will, there’s a way.


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