-[George the Puppet] Hi kids! My name is George, and I’m here to tell you about a story today. This special book will make you say, “Yay!” We hope this tale will brighten your day. So without further ado, let’s see what we’re reading today. Today’s book is called “The Rainbow Fish”, written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister. This book is about a beautiful rainbow fish who learns the importance of sharing. Enjoy!

-[Lilliana] Thanks, George! We’re so excited to be sharing this book with you all. Today, Bill Drudge will be reading “The Rainbow Fish”, written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister. If you would like to watch this book in Spanish, listen to the Spanish version on our website at fun4thedisabled.com. This book is about a unique fish with shimmering scales. The Rainbow Fish realizes that giving his scales to his friends makes him more happy. We hope that this book inspires you to be more selfless. Let’s dive right in!

-[Bill Drudge] “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister. Far, far away in the open sea lived a fish. But he was not a normal fish, no, no! He was the most beautiful fish in the entire ocean. His suit of scales sparkled in all the colors of the rainbow. The other fish admired his colorful, sparkling suit of scales. They called him Rainbow Fish. “Hey Rainbow Fish, come and play with us!” But Rainbow Fish just glided past them, silent and proud, letting his scales glitter. A little blue fish swam alongside him. “Rainbow Fish, Rainbow Fish, wait for me! Won’t you give me one of your glitter scales? They are so beautiful and you have so many!” “You want me to give you one of my scales? You must be kidding!” Rainbow Fish cried, “Get outta here!” Startled, the little blue fish swam away.

He was very upset and told his friends about the encounter. After that, no one wanted to have anything to do with the Rainbow Fish. They swam away whenever he came near. What good is it to have beautiful glitter scales when there’s no one around to admire them? Rainbow Fish was now the loneliest fish in the whole ocean. One day, he complained bitterly to the starfish, “I’m beautiful, so how come no one likes me?” “The wise octopus lives in a cave behind the coral reef. Maybe he can help you,” the starfish suggested.

Rainbow Fish found the cave. It was dark and a little frightening. He could hardly see anything. Then suddenly, he saw two eyes shining back at him. “I was expecting you,” the octopus said in a deep voice. “The waves brought me your story. Listen to my advice. Give each fish one of your glitter scales. Then you will no longer be the most beautiful fish in the sea, but you will be happy again.” Before Rainbow Fish could object, Octopus had already disappeared in a dark cloud of ink.

“Give away my scales? My pretty glitter scales?” Rainbow Fish said appalled. “Never! No! How could I be happy without them?” Just then, he felt the light stroke of a fin nearby. The little blue fish had come back. “Rainbow Fish, please, don’t be angry. Won’t you give me just one little glitter scale?” Rainbow Fish hesitated. “I guess I won’t really miss just one teeny-tiny little glitter scale,” he thought. Carefully, Rainbow Fish plucked the smallest glitter scale from his suit. “Here, you can have this one. But leave me alone now!”

“Oh thank you so much!” burbled the little blue fish with excitement. “You’re so kind, Rainbow Fish.” Rainbow Fish suddenly felt strange. For a long time, he watched the bluefish swim joyfully away, back and forth through the water, carrying the glitter scale. The little blue fish darted through the water with his glitter scale. It didn’t last long before the Rainbow Fish was surrounded by other fish. Everyone wanted a glitter scale.

And what do you know? Rainbow Fish started handing out his scales, one after another. And he was feeling happier with each gift. The more sparkly the water became, the more he enjoyed being among the fish. In the end, Rainbow Fish only had one glitter scale left. He had given all the others away. And he was happy! Happier than he’d ever been! “Come, Rainbow Fish! Come and play with us!” the others called out. “I’m coming!” Rainbow Fish replied and off he went with the other fish. The end.

-[Lilliana] Thanks Bill for that wonderful reading! Did you know that this book is more than 25 years old? It’s a classic story with an important message: sharing is more satisfying than being selfish. The Rainbow Fish became happy again after giving away all his scales because he realized friendship is more important than status or beauty. We hope that this book inspires you to share more with others. What do you think of the book? When’s the last time you helped somebody? Leave a comment down below. Thanks once again Bill Drudge for reading “The Rainbow Fish”. If you like this book, please subscribe to our newsletter and check out more of our videos at fun4thedisabled.com. Bye!

-[George the Puppet] Thanks for watching “The Rainbow Fish” written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister. Cause a friendship’s like magic, it’s more important than looks or status. It’s someone that’s there, someone’s who’s kind, someone to share your memories throughout time. Cause sharing can make you happy, it makes life sweet like candy. So share that magical thing called friendship, and enjoy every moment we get. Yeah, yeah! [Lighthearted organ music]

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