REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Accessibility Consultant


Strategy for Access (StrAF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to producing media that benefits people who are living with disabilities, primarily through its website, Fun4theDisabled.

StrAF is producing ten short subject videos on accessible nonprofit or governmental venues throughout Chicago. StrAF is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for accessibility consultants to support and help guide our work in producing these videos. This project aims to educate the worldwide disability community on the accessible features of Chicago and also to educate Chicago attractions that are non-accessible or do not have their accessibility information readily available. The project is funded by a U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration grant. StrAF will facilitate work between members of the disability community and tourism venues to ensure their accessibility.

These videos will be played on the StrAF site, Choose Chicago (Chicago Convention and visitor’s bureau), and national disability organizations. The videos will also be shown on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and the Chicago Access Network Television Stations (Channels 19, 21, and 27) broadcast in Chicago and potentially on the Cook County Access Channel. In each video, StrAF plans to provide an itinerary of accessible places to go, fun activities, and transportation options.

Organization Background

Founded in 2018, StrAF creates media content highlighting opportunities for people with disabilities in the community, connecting them with organizations, programs, and events designed to provide accessibility that is both inclusive and fun. Our mission is to create content that connects those with disabilities with the organizations, events, and information that will benefit, entertain, and educate them.

StrAF has produced over 80 videos and has published content related to disability advocacy, literacy, and education.

Scope of Work

Each video will highlight attractions accessible for individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing or blind/low vision, have mobility issues or sensory sensitivities or possess developmental disabilities. The accessibility consultant will work with management staff on ADA compliance and recommend improvements. The consultant will also assist with script writing, casting, and review of videos.

RFP Timeline

The RFP timeline is as follows:

  1. Consultants must submit questions by December 21st, 5 P.M. CST.
  2. StrAF will respond to questions by December 28th, 5 P.M. CST.
  3. Proposals must be received by Strategy for Access by January 5th, 5 p.m. CST. Proposals must be marked “RFP-accessibility consultant” and sent to the contact listed below.
  4. Strategy for Access will notify the successful and unsuccessful consultants by January 26th, 5 P.M. CST. Upon selection notification, the successful consultant must execute a contract provided by StrAF within 3 weeks on February 16th.

Submission Requirements

Applications must include, at a minimum:

  • Representative selection of previous work experience that might be comparable to this project. This includes a resume outlining relevant credentials and experience as well as references.
  • One-page narrative detailing strengths and distinguishing capabilities relating to Strategy for Access’s project goals
  • Proposed timeline and fee schedule

We encourage people of color, persons with disabilities, etc., to apply.

Please make sure to address the Selection Criteria (below).

Selection Criteria

  • Qualification of the applicant. Knowledge of federal, state, and local ADA accessibility guidelines and standards is required. Particular attention will be given to applications with robust credentials and membership in professional associations, such as the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.
  • Quality of Performance History. Demonstrated high-quality work, adherence to deadlines, and collaborative skills. Particular attention will be given to applicants with experience in communicating and working with the Disabled community to ensure accommodations.
  • Flexibility and Creativity. Particular attention will be given to applications expressing a creative and meaningful action plan.
  • StrAF will consider the proposed price it would pay for engaging the applicant.


Respondents should direct all contact regarding this RFP to Vanessa A. Harris, P.E, the President and Executive Director of StrAF. Questions and specifications should be sent in writing to Ms. Harris. She can be contacted at fun@fun4thedisabled.com.