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I’m Henry, here to tell you about today’s episode of Fun 4 the Disabled presents Books4thedisabled.  In “My Camel Wants To Be a Unicorn” by Julia Inserro and Tanja Varcelija, our narrator learns that her camel might want to turn into a different kind of animal.  Let’s see what she finds out.  Here’s Vanessa.

> Hello, everybody.  Thanks for watching Fun 4 the Disabled presents children’s Books4thedisabled.

This is a special series all with the stories of characters with different abilities.  The stories are meant to teach us about how to be ourselves and, of course, have fun.

I’m excited for to us hear Becky Curran Kekula read author Julia Inserro and illustrator Tanja Varcelija’s book, “My Camel Wants To Be a Unicorn.”

Here’s Becky to read the story.

>> Hi.  My name is Becky Curran Kekula, and I’m going to read “My Camel Wants To Be a Unicorn.”

I think my camel wants to be a unicorn.  My little sister had a birthday party.  It was unicorn themed and my camel has not been right ever since.

Was it because the unicorn gifts were so exciting?  Was it the party hats everyone was wearing?  Maybe she ate too many unicorn cupcakes?  I’m not sure, but it’s clear to me my camel wants to be a unicorn.

I caught her trying to wear one of the party hats as a horn.  It kept slipping down and covering her eyes.

“I love you the way you are,” I told her.  “You are the best camel I have ever had.”  But my camel was distracted.

She tried to make a horn out of a paper towel tube and a lot of tape.  I tried to cheer her up and took her on a roller coaster.  She barely offered a wheeeee!

I found her staring longingly into the ice cream shop, so I thought she wanted her favorite alfalfa cone.  She ate the ice cream but then stuck the cone on her head.

We went to the beach but she didn’t want to help me build a SAND castle.  Things were getting serious.  I needed my happy camel back!

We visited the library, but she didn’t even want to stay for story time.

We tried stargazing one night, but she couldn’t stop wiggling.

We got out the paddling pool, but she wouldn’t splash at all.

I was getting worried.  I took her to the doctor.  The doc had her touch her toes, checked her eyes, even had her stick out her tongue.  Everything was normal.  And yet, I had one mopey camel.

One day we went for a walk in the woods.  While walking, I asked, “why do you want to be a unicorn?  Camels have a big furry hump.  Unicorns only have a horn.”  But she didn’t answer.

I kept walking and then I realized I was alone.  Where was my camel?  “There you are, I said.”  I suddenly understood what she actually wanted, and I knew how I could help her.  As we raced home, I told her my idea.  She loved it.  She helped me dig through our garden tools to find my toy rake.  Then we went through the ribbon bin.  She chose a shiny purple.  After a few adjustments, it was perfect.  My camel is now the happiest camel on the block.  She never wanted to be a unicorn.  She just wanted a horn so she could scratch her itch.  She’s definitely the best camel ever.  Thank you very much.

>> Thanks for reading, Becky Curran Kekula.  That was such a touching story.  Did you expect the book to end that way?  What times in your life have you thought you knew something, only to learn the situation was different?  Leave your response in the comments below.

And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on our newest episodes of children’s Books4thedisabled.  Thank you all again for watching today’s episode.  Here’s Henry the Puppet to close us out.  Buh‑bye.

>> Thank you for watching “My Camel Wants To Be a Unicorn” by Julia Inserro and Tanja Varcelija.  And remember, be sure to listen to your friends.  Be sure to ask questions like who, what, and when but never make assumptions and make good introductions.  And always be ready to lend a hand.  Yes, helping each other makes life grand.  Because that’s what friends do.  And they stick together like glue.  So make them feel comfortable because a good friend is incomparable.  Thanks for watching.

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