George the Puppet] Hey kids. I’m George the Puppet, and I’m here to sharea wacky tale about a book with no pictures. Let’s take a look. Today, we’re reading “The Book With No Pictures” written by BJ Novak. Now, you may be thinking,”A book with no pictures?! How boring!” Well, that’s where you’re wrong, trust me! With this book, you won’t be snoring! Here’s Liliana to tell you more about the book and introduce our reader for today.

-[Liliana] Thanks, George! Today, actor Bill Drudge will be reading “The Book With No Picutres” written by BJ Novak. As the title suggests, this book has no pictures. Actor, comedian, and author BJ Novak wrote this story to show us that books without pictures can be just as imaginative and fun as books with pictures. Let’s dive right into the book!
-[Bill] “A Book With No Pictures” by BJ Novak. This is a book with no pictures. It might seem like no fun to have someone read you a book with no pictures. It probably seems boring and serious. Except… Here is how books work. Everything the words say, the person reading the book has to say. No matter what. That’s the deal. That’s the rule. So that means, even if the words say…
BLORK. Wait — what? That doesn’t even mean anything. Bluurf. Wait a second –what?! This isn’t the kind of book I wanted to read! And I have to say every word the book says? Uh-oh…

I am a monkey who taught myself to read. Hey! I’m not a monkey! And now I am reading you this with my monkey mouth in my monkey voice. That’s not true… I’m not a monkey! Yes, I am a monkey. I am a robot monkey. What?! And my head is made of blueberry pizza.
Wait a second — Is this whole book a trick? Can I stop reading, please? No! And now it’s time for me to sing you my favorite song! A song? Do I really have to sing a — Glug glug glug glug, my face is a bug. I eat ants for breakfast right off the ruuuuuug.  This book is ridiculous! Can I stop reading yet? No?!

There are more pages?! I have to read the rest?! My only friend in the whole wide world is a hippo named Boo Boo Butt. Boo Boo Butt? And also, the kid I’m reading this book to is the best kid ever in the history of the entire world. Oh really? And this kid is the smartest kid too, because this kid chose this book even though it had no pictures, because kids know this is the book that makes grown-ups have to say silly things! And make silly sounds like… uh-oh, uh-oh, here it comes…

Gluur-ga-wocko. Ma-grumph-a-doo.Aiiee! Aiiee! Aiiee! Brooooog broooooog brooooog. Ooooooomph! Eeeeeemph! Blaggity-blaggity glibbity-globbity globbity-glibbity. Beep. Bop. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Ba-dooongy face!!

Oh my goodness. Please don’t ever make me read this book again! It’s so… silly! In fact, it is completely and utterly preposterous! Next time, please please please please PLEASE choose a book with pictures. Please? Because this is too, just too ridiculous to read.
The end.
-[Liliana] Wow, what a wonderful story! Thank you actor Bill Drudge for that reading. We hope that you love this book. I personally love this book because it shows us the power of words. The best books are ones that make you use your imagination. Read books without pictures sometimes and let your imagination run free! Did you enjoy this story? Comment below on which books we should do next. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to our newsletter and check out more of our videos at www.Fun4theDisabled.com. Take it away, George!
-[George the Puppet] Thanks for watching “The Book with No Pictures” written by BJ Novak. Now for those who haven’t heard, just know that magic lives within words. And when you use your imagination, you can be in any destination. ‘Cause you can take yourself anywhere, ready to be just like you’re really there.If you imagine, than it can be like way up high, flying free. ‘Cause books don’t need pictures to be interesting or fun. Your imagination will get that done, ’cause remember you’re number one.

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